South Korean authorities refutes crypto ban rumours

Head of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Che Yonku said that to ban cryptocurrency exchanges serious legal grounds are needed
28 December 2017   650

A number of media reported that the South Korean authorities intend to ban the activities of cryptocurreny exchanges. The source of the false information was a local publication that referred to a government official close to the decision-making center.

This news appeared against the background of inspections in the offices of cryptocurrency exchanges and the general negative position of the South Korean government regarding the cryptocurrency industry. The country's Prime Minister even declared that digital currencies "corrupt youth". He also ordered the formation of a working group to study crypto currency as a tool for creating financial pyramids and speculative schemes.

In addition, South Korea has become one of the few countries that have decided to completely ban the ICO, which already speaks in favor of the determination of the authorities. Financial companies are also prohibited from interacting and trading crypto-currencies.

However, the head of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Che Yonku said that to ban cryptocurrency exchanges serious legal grounds are needed.

The authorities intend to regulate the activity of cryptocurrency exchanges within the framework of improved AML-legislation, but not to prohibit them.

Texas to host BitBlockBoom conference

Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency conference BitBlockBoom will be held on July 14 - 15 to discuss the disruptive technology
19 May 2018   46

Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals are going to convene in Irving, TX on July 14 through July 15. Brightest minds in crypto will be talking about the true meaning of Bitcoin, the promise of a distributed ledgers, and the potential of decentralization. First wave of speakers are as follows:

The conference will be held at the Study USA. Here is what the event says about itself:

Invest in yourself. Learning about cryptocurrency today is like learning HTML in the 1990s. With the proper training you can have a career spanning decades. With the proper knowledge you can avoid scams and discover opportunities to prosper in this new industry.

The event is sponsored by Crypto Unicorn Money. To learn more about the event, you can visit the official page here.