Starbucks to Use Azure to Track Coffee Supply Chain

As planned, customers of coffee shops will be able to track the movement of coffee from the country of origin to their cup
07 May 2019   1171

Starbucks uses Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain service to control the coffee production process, Geekwire reports.

Starbucks’s work on integrating the blockchain into its operations began in 2018 with a grain-in-a-cup initiative aimed at tracking coffee supplies from farmers from Costa Rica, Colombia and Rwanda. It was assumed that customers of coffee shops will be able to track the movement of coffee from the country of origin to their cup. In addition, with the help of its blockchain initiative, Starbucks expects to expand the financial capabilities of planters.

As noted in the company, the results of the pilot project will be open to all interested participants. To implement the task, they contacted Microsoft and its division Azure.

According to Geekwire, the two companies presented many joint initiatives at the Build conference held on Monday, organized by Microsoft. Other projects are associated, for example, with the predicted order processing “on the go” and the addition of equipment to coffee shops that has connection to the Internet of Things.

Microsoft announced the launch of the blockchain-as-service service of Azure Blockchain last week, calling Quorum, developed by JPMorgan on the Ethereum codebase, as the first supported blockchain.

Microsoft to Receive $10B Contact From Pentagon

The company is going to develop the cloud infrastructure for the military in JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) project
29 October 2019   646

The Pentagon contract for the development of cloud infrastructure for data storage was received by Microsoft. The term of the transaction is 10 years, the amount is $ 10 billion. The project is called JEDI, Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud. In a tender for its implementation, the company competed with other giants, including Amazon, IBM, Oracle and Google.

Google was one of the first to drop back in 2018. The company said participation in the project could conflict with recently developed AI development principles. In addition, Google lacked government certificates to solve some problems. The Pentagon refused to hire another contractor for this.

We’re surprised about this conclusion. AWS is the clear leader in cloud computing, and a detailed assessment purely on the comparative offerings clearly lead to a different conclusion. We remain deeply committed to continuing to innovate for the new digital battlefield where security, efficiency, resiliency, and scalability of resources can be the difference between success and failure.

AWS Spokesman 

These news had some impact on the companies' shares: Microsoft shares gained 3%; Amazon’s stock was down 0.8%.