Starbucks' Wi-Fi used customers' laptops to mine Monero

According to the representative of Starbucks, issue is solved and they "want to ensure that our customers are able to search the internet over Wi-Fi securely"
18 December 2017   4018

Coffeeshop Starbucks from capital of Argentina used Coinhive script to mine Monero on customer's laptops thru Wi-Fi. Customers weren't warned. This is reported byt the CCN.

The head of a technology company from New York, Noah Dinkin, drew attention to the problem. The expert noticed a ten-second delay when connecting to a Starbucks coffee shop in Buenos Aires. It turned out that at this time the network provider used the power of the devices for Monero's mining.

In a few days coffeeshop responeded. Company reported that issue was resolved.

Motherboard talked to Starbucks' spokesperson regarding the issue.

Last week, we were alerted to the issue and we reached out to our internet service provider—the Wi-Fi is not run by Starbucks, it's not something we own or control. We want to ensure that our customers are able to search the internet over Wi-Fi securely, so we will always work closely with our service provider when something like this comes up.

Reggie Borges 

Spokesperson, Starbucks

In next tweets, Dinkin revealed that the code was found in three separate Starbucks locations over multiple days, and that the internet service’s Terms of Service (TOS) didn’t mention the Monero mining code.

MoneroV Hardfork Airdrop Date Unveiled

Developers claim to provide x10 XMV to XMR holders at block 1529810
19 February 2018   114

MoneroV is a hardfork of Monero cryptocurrency. 

MoneroV fulfills the long overdue desire for a truly anonymous, decentralized, finite peer-to-peer electronic currency. Individuals and businesses can transact securely, reliably and anonymously with low fees using MoneroV.

All Monero holders as of block 1529810 will be owners of MoneroV.

The MoneroV community looks forward to welcoming users, enthusiasts, and contributors to further enhance the development of MoneroV.

MoneroV Team

According to the developers, these are the features of upcoming hardfork:

  • Secured 
    • Decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain transaction consensus enables MoneroV to be secure and reliable.
  • Scalable
    • Using lower transaction fees and advanced modification to the core mechanism in the way MoneroV calculates transactions and balances, we are aiming to make MoneroV fully scalable by integrating the MimbleWimble protocol.
  • Private
    • MoneroV is truly anonymous and private. Sending and receiving addresses are obfuscated, as well as all amounts being transferred in all transactions. Your identity cannot be linked or traced to a transaction on the MoneroV blockchain.

As team plans, the fork itself will happen approx. on 14th of March. The x10 Airdrop of MoneroV coins to XMR holders is planned on the 18th of March. Light-weight GUI wallet and web wallet release is planed in June 2018.

These are the specs of MoneroV:

  • Coin Supply - Capped at 256 Million XMV. Smooth emission decline until minimum.
  • Circulating Supply at Hard Fork - ~158 Million XMV (10x circulating XMR supply as airdrop).
  • Proof of Work - CryptoNight (to be changed)
  • Difficulty Retarget - Every block. Adjusted difficulty initially after Airdrop.
  • Block Time - Every 120 seconds
  • Block Reward - Smooth decrease. Minimum of 6 XMV per block at 184,467,440 XMV in total emission.
  • Block Size - Dynamic, max 2xM100
  • Privacy - Ring signature / stealth addresses

There is no info on the XMV team.