Steemit to release smart media tokens

The largest social network on the blockchain, Steemit, announces the launch of a new cryptocurrency project
30 September 2017   1436

The largest social network on the blockchain, Steemit, announces the launch of a new cryptocurrency project. It aims at creating new revenue streams through consumer involvement, expanding the client base and developing the opportunities for content-oriented social platforms.

According to the project's whitepaper, Steem’s Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) are "to give anyone the power to launch and sell Proof-of-Brain tokens, which are tokens distributed by “upvote” and “like”-based algorithms and can be integrated with websites to align incentives and spur growth, while websites are empowered to adopt sustainable, currency-centric revenue models". 

Ned Scott, CEO Steemit, claims that the new software will allow leading media and social media platforms to create Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) based on Steem's blockchain.

As reported, the integration of a customizable and clever system of tokens will be available both for editions and small independent blogs on WordPress. On top of that, the system involves remuneration not only for publishers, but also for consumers based on their contribution: likes, comments and votes, which is to serve as the basis for new revenue streams.

Poloniex to Suspend Operations for Few Hours

Representatives of the exchange say users' funds will be completely safe during maintenance
21 February 2019   84

The cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has announced maintenance, which will begin on February 22 at 22 UTC. The trading platform will be unavailable for several hours.

Representatives of the exchange claim that the users' funds will be completely safe. Technical work associated with the modernization and transition "to the best data centers, which will increase the reliability of the platform and increase uptime."

Also in Poloniex noted that the trade orders of users will not be canceled.

Recall, recently Poloniex has added to the listing of privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Grin.