Stellar Build Challenge Deadline Coming

Stellar Build Challenge occur every three months, and the projects for the ongoing phase should be submitted before March 15, 2018
21 February 2018   983

The Stellar Build Challenge is an ongoing program to reward innovation and development in the Stellar ecosystem. Stellar Build Challenge occur approximately every three months, and the projects for the ongoing phase should be submitted by March 15, 2018.

Stellar Build Challenge Stellar Build Challenge

Judges will award Lumens per submission as they see fit. Judges aim for announcing winners within two weeks of submissions closing. Submissions for each round should be done at least two weeks prior to judging in order to receive feedback. The users must announce their project on Galactic Talk to get feedback from the Stellar Development Foundation and the Stellar community.

A total of 550,000 lumens will be distributed amongst the winners, as determined a panel of judges.

The applicants should offer the non-traditional uses of the Stellar network, like building libraries, frameworks, and SDKs, wallets with functionality beyond sending and receiving lumens, tutorials involving projects based on the Stellar Network.

Other categories include Ledger Explorers, Exchanges, Remittance Applications, ICOs/Tokens/Assets, Forums, and more.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Stellar:

Average price: $0,405962
Market cap: $7 497 220 935
24h volume: $113 558 000

Stellar to collaborate with Veridium, Environmental Firm

Environmental blockchain company Veridium Labs Ltd announced about the partnership with Stellar and plans to simplify the whole carbon footprint process
28 June 2018   188

Veridium created the world’s first environmental social impact token and is developing disruptive sustainability solutions for the Fortune 500 companies. Last month, the firm declared about its partnership with IBM, which planned to make the process of offsetting companies’ footprints easier.   

It was also approved by the source that Stellar’s distributed, open-source, and hybrid blockchain will let Veridium to “accurately track carbon credits in real time to mitigate the environmental impact of the goods and services being transacted”.

We are very excited about the momentum Veridium has had since our announced partnership with IBM. Our new collaboration with Stellar and the addition of our advisory board members are important steps in making a decentralized carbon credit industry a reality so we can truly bring about global environmental change.
Todd Lemons,
Chairman, Veridium

It is as well believed that once Veridium begins running on Stellar and IBM Hyperledger Fabric blockchains, the firm will be able to evaluate the whole carbon footprint process. It will measure and compensate footprints by converting carbon credits into tokenized assets that hence can be displayed and integrated into corporate accounting systems more easily. The total process of tokenization of assets is supposing to raise trust and integrity in the flow of information among trading partners and network users.