Stox ICO to Comment on Exit Scam Rumours

Team was able to raise $33M last year and is developing prediction market
12 November 2018   949

The Stox cryptocurrency project, which collected $ 33 million at the ICO last August and is engaged in developing the blockchain prediction market, commented on the information on strange transactions with tokens in its smart contract and breaking relationships with a number of partners that was recently distributed on the web. This anonymous source re-published a message that was published and already answered

more than a year ago (26.9.2017). This source copied the message and shouted “Exit scam” without having any cause whatsoever.

We would like to stress that Stox will bring legal proceedings against anyone who defames Stox with unfounded allegations.

Stox Team

Message about Stox
Message about Stox

The developers explain that the tokens revocation function is used to cancel the tokens allocated for partners, and their subsequent redistribution in accordance with the new conditions and principles laid down in white paper.

They also admit that they broke off relations with the Israeli company Commologic, when they decided to transfer their operations to Europe, and Amazix, “because they could not reach an agreement on commercial terms,” but are currently negotiating to resume contacts with the latter.

Regarding the sale of a large amount of tokens by Stox consultant Moshe Hogeg, the project writes: “These are private transactions conducted by Moshe Hogeg on the secondary markets. These transactions are not related to his involvement in the company at all and were concluded independently.”

Although, obviously, it is too early to include Stox in the exit scam list, which was recently supplemented by Oyster Protocol and Pure Bit, this does not cancel the fact that since the ICO, its token has dropped by more than 97%, and the list itself can only continue to grow in the near future.

LINIX IEO to Last 5 Seconds

In just few seconds after the start of IEO at ProBit, investors bought out all LINIX project tokens (2,625,000 LNX) at a price of $ 0.02
18 March 2019   62

The ProBit exchange a lightning-fast initial exchange offer (IEO) of the LINIX project.

In just five seconds after the start of IEO, investors bought out all LINIX project tokens (2,625,000 LNX) at a price of $ 0.02. After that, the South Korean stock exchange announced the second stage of a tokensail, during which the organizers planned to sell 5,500,000 LNX at the same price. Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Steablcoin USDT and ProBit (PROB) exchange token are accepted.

It is noteworthy that the ICOs have been banned in South Korea since 2017. Thus, local exchanges view IEO as a kind of alternative to familiar tokensales, allowing to bypass regulatory restrictions.

Note that the most popular IEO platform today is the Binance Launchpad. Next IEO at Binance Launchpad will be Celer Network.