SUNNetwork Code v1.0 to be Released

Sun Network includes DAppChain - a sidechain designed to “unlimitedly scale” the TRON core network
12 August 2019   165

The developers of the TRON cryptocurrency project announced the release of the first version of the Sun Network code base.

The Sun Network protocol as a whole is focused on the efficient execution of smart contracts, improving network performance and reducing fees.

Sun Network includes DAppChain - a sidechain designed to “unlimitedly scale” the TRON core network. According to the developers, DAppChain provides cross-chain communications and allows you to safely and efficiently run decentralized applications (dApps) that use a minimum of resources.

Launch of DAppChain in the main TRON network is expected in the near future.

It is also interesting that the Binance cryptocurrency exchange does not consider either TRX or the TRON-based BitTorrent token for inclusion in the listing of its US unit, which is probably due to regulatory risks.

The other day, TRON founder Justin Sun said that listing Binance US is a top priority for the project.

Sun Hides From Chinese Authorities Since Nov '18, - Media

TRON Foundation representative said that Sun moved to San Francisco in October and moves around the world freely
25 July 2019   277

Founder of the TRON cryptocurrency project Justin Sun is allegedly hiding from the Chinese authorities since November 2018, when he managed to leave the country. Decrypt reports about this with reference to the news agency Caixin.

According to the agency, Sun found out about the ban on leaving China without the relevant permission of the authorities in June 2018. From that moment until January 2019 he did not appear in public.

As Caixin suggests, Sun could take advantage of the gap in regulation to leave China, but how he did it remains unclear. The agency also writes that the founder of TRON repeatedly tried to get the abolition of the restrictions imposed on him, but his efforts were not crowned with success.

At the same time, Cliff Edwards, Global Communications Director of the TRON Foundation, stated that the allegations that Sun was forbidden to leave China were not true.

He returned from Hong Kong two weeks ago and was there since June 15, so presumably the authorities would have been able to hold him.

Cliff Edwards

Director of global communications, Tron Foundation 

A spokesperson for the TRON Foundation also says that Sun moved to San Francisco in October and moves around the world freely. According to Edwards, people on the border control lists are informed about this, but Sun no such notification has been received.

Earlier this week, Cliff Edwards posted a tweet with a photo in which he is depicted with Sun. Both of them are said to be in San Francisco, and the founder of TRON is holding a sheet of paper with a Tron blockchain hash, designed to verify the truth of Edwards's words.

Note that this is not the first message from the Chinese media this week that Sun was forbidden to leave the country. The special committee on Internet security, formed by the State Council of China, allegedly accused Sun of money laundering, illegal investment, involvement in the distribution of pornography and gambling.

Justin was giving money to American charities—when the Chinese economy is suffering under Trump due to trade wars. You can connect the dots. So he’s been apologizing to the government, and Caixin. It’s an apology tour.

"Source close to the situation"

With reference to a source close to the situation, Caixin also writes that Sun's problems arose because of his intention to meet with American billionaire Warren Buffett. Presumably, the Chinese authorities are unhappy with such actions against the background of the ongoing trade war with the United States.