Switzerland Launches Blockchain Task Force

The main task of the task force is to watch the legal guidelines of ICOs and blockchain companies 
10 January 2018   1513

The Swiss government has announced the creation of a new group to strengthen its regulatory framework related to blockchain startups and ICOs.

Blockchain task force includes both federal and local officials, as well as members of various blockchain startups and legal representatives and spearheaded by Finance Minister Ueli Mausrer and Economics and Education Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann.

The main task of the group is to watch the legal guidelines of ICOs and blockchain companies, while working with the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters — the federal body responsible for implementing financial market policy and representing the government's financial interests across borders.

Blockchain is becoming more important as a technology for many industries, not just crypto finance. What is needed is liberal regulation, which opens opportunities for Switzerland's position while at the same time reducing risks.


Johann Schneider-Ammann

Head of the Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research

The first meeting of the Blockchain task force will take part on January 12, 2018.

Recently, we have reported that Swiss private bank Falcon is going to offer to its clients a compliant process for investing wealth generated from trading in cryptocurrencies.

UCLA Blockchain Crypto Conference to be Held in LA

The UCLA Conference will be held on February 17-18 of 2018, gathering together the most experienced and exciting thinkers
17 February 2018   174

UCLA's Blockchain Lab and Far from LA are holding the Blockchain Cryptocurrency Conference, gathering together the most experienced and exciting thinkers across SoCal, in order to foster both economic and educational progress. The conference will concern cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.

The UCLA Conference will be held on February 17-18 of 2018.

Location: The University of California, Humanities Building, 415 Portola Plaza, UCLA 90095, Los Angeles

The headline speakers will include Kathleen Breitman, the co-founder of Tezos; Sandra Ro from UWIN Lab; David Moss from EOS; Jeremy Rubin, the Bitcoin core developer, and many more.

The agenda of the conference is as follows: the future of blockchain keynote, bringing humanity to the blockchain, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, blockchain's influence on the development of art and culture, blockchain in the music industry, government adoption of blockchain around the world, and more.