Synereo's WildSpark Web App to be Released

WildSpark full web application will be released on February 13, 2018, allowing users to send cryptocurrency directly to content creators as well as be rewarded for distributing it
13 February 2018   1157

Synereo is designed to allow direct and platform agnostic monetization of original content posted on the net. WildSpark is a tool released by Synereo, which works as a distributed meta-layer on top of existing media hubs and social networks, where users are incentivized to reward both creators and curators directly with AMP.

The major update of WildSpark will be released on February 13, 2018, shifting it from an extension into a full web application. 

New features:

  • Threaded commenting system for each piece of content, with in-browser notifications facilitating an ongoing discussion
  • Support for content from various platforms in addition to YouTube, including text, music, images, and GIFs
  • Amplifying content, with the recipients getting AMPs, using any type of currency – crypto and fiat
  • Creating personal profiles, building a unique WildSpark identity
  • Earning rewards for referring people to sign up and use WildSpark

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Synereo:

Average price: $0,339945
Market cap: $27 962 626
24h volume: $766 565

California Court to Issue a Temporary Ban on Blockvest

SEC had found a lot of violations, including the "approval" of non-existed "Blockchain Exchange Commission"
15 February 2019   154

The Southern District of California Court, represented by Judge Gonzalo Kuriel, issued a preliminary ban against BlockOw ICO-startup Blockvest LLC and its founder Reginald Buddy Ringold (Rasul Abdul Rahim El), citing violations of securities laws in the past and possible violations in the future.

SEC Info
SEC Info

Court ruled that the BLV tokenail violated the norms of section 17 of the Securities Act of 1933, and recognized tokens as unregistered securities.

November last year, Judge Gonzalo Curiel refused to recognize the Blockvest project token as a security, because the SEC could not prove otherwise.