Sysinternals Tools to be Ported to Linux

The new "old" utility pack is called ProcDump and it allow users to create system proccesses' dumps
07 November 2018   155

Windows system administrators are familiar with the free Sysinternals utility package. The first versions appeared in 2006 and are still being developed. Microsoft announced that developers are planning to port Sysinternals tools to Linux. The first utility ported was ProcDump. This is reported by Bleeping Computer.

ProcDump Demonstration
ProcDump Demo

ProcDump allows users to create crash or current dumps of processes in the system. These can be tasks that heavily load the CPU, causing a freeze or an error. ProcDump allows you to track such processes.

The program is available on GitHub and works under Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 7, Fedora 26, Mageia 6, Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04. Available as source codes for self-assembly, and already compiled packages. Other utilities are not yet migrated.

So far, ProcDump for Linux is inferior in functionality to analogue on Windows. The utility creates in Linux dumps of CPU and memory usage at different time intervals.

KDevelop IDE 5.3 to be Released

Version 5.3 fully supports KDE 5 development, including with the Clang compiler
15 November 2018   62

An update of the KDevelop integrated development environment has been released. Version 5.3 fully supports KDE 5 development, including with the Clang compiler. The project uses the KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt 5 libraries.

Key improvements and new features:

Improved C++ support:

A lot of work was done on stabilizing and improving our clang-based C++ language support. Notable fixes include:

  • Clang: include tooltips: fix range check. 
  • Allow overriding the path to the builtin clang compiler headers.
  • Always use the clang builtin headers for the libclang version we use.
  • Group completion requests and only handle the last one. 
  • Fix Template (Class/Function) Signatures in Clang Code Completion. 
  • Workaround: find declarations for constructor argument hints. 
  • Clang: Improve argument hint code completion. 

Improved PHP language support:

  • Much improved support for PHP Namespaces
  • Added support for Generators and Generator delegation
  • Updated and expanded the integrated documentation of PHP internals
  • Added support for PHP 7's context sensitive lexer
  • Install the parser as a library so it can be used by other projects (currently, umbrello can use it) 
  • Improved type detection of object properties
  • Added support for the object typehint
  • Better support for ClassNameReferences (instanceof)
  • Expression syntax support improvements, particularly around 'print'
  • Allow optional function parameters before non-optional ones 
  • Added support for magic constants __DIR__ and __TRAIT__

Improved Python language support

The developers have been concentrating on fixing bugs, which already have been added into the 5.2 series.

There are a couple of improved features in 5.3:

  • Inject environment profile variables into debug process environment.
  • Improve support for 'with' statements.