Tableau certified the MongoDB Connector for BI

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced now certified by Tableau as a named connector
17 August 2017   1282

MongoDB has partnered with Tableau, one of the global leaders in visual analytics, to announce MongoDB Connector for BI is now certified by Tableau as a named connector. Now users can visually analyze rich, JSON-like data structures associated with modern applications directly in MongoDB Enterprise Advanced. This is reported by the official MongoDB website. 

Data is a modern software team's greatest asset, so it needs to be easy for them to both store and visualize it in performant, flexible and scalable ways. With Tableau's certification of the MongoDB Connector for BI, executives, business analysts and data scientists can benefit from both the engineering and operational advantages of MongoDB, and the insights that Tableau's powerful and intuitive BI platform make possible.

Eliot Horowitz
CTO, MongoDB.

MongoDB’s platform addresses the performance, scalability, agility and reliability demands of modern applications while maintaining the core capabilities of legacy databases.

MongoDB Connector for BI, whcih is now certificated by the Tableau, gives customers insight to understand the data these modern applications generate with Tableau’s leading analytics platform. 

Social, mobile, rich web apps and other sources of modern applications that generate unstructured data are the future and it’s become business critical to provide best in class analytics to that data. By directly giving Tableau customers quick and insightful visual analysis of data stored in MongoDB, we are addressing a growing market need for our customers.

Todd Talkington
Director of Technology Partnerships at Tableau

This partnership and deep integration is the result of joint customer demand. 

Field Level Encryptoion to be Available at MongoDB

Field level encryption provides access to the database for several specified users at once and helps to follow GDPR rules
21 June 2019   700

MongoDB version 4.2 received support for field-level data encryption (FLE). A special driver on the client side of MongoDB is responsible for it. To read the data in the database, you need to access either the client or the encryption keys.

When we founded MongoDB, we wanted to give developers an easier way to work with data - wherever it lived in the stack. To be able to provide great new features that will make them more productive so they can spend less time wrestling with data and more time building great applications is extremely gratifying. Most importantly, these features work and feel like the tools they are already used to so they will experience a vastly improved database experience with a short learning curve.

Eliot Horowitz 

CTO and co-founder, MongoDB

So, if the database is still in public access, an outsider will not be able to read it.

As the MongoDB developers say, field level encryption provides access to the database for several specified users at once. In addition, it helps to comply to the GDPR, in particular, the “right to be forgotten” - in order to destroy all information related to the user, it is enough to destroy his personal key. After this, the data will not be used.