Telegram's Public ICO May Not be Held

According to the sources, Telegram can raise proper amount in the closed sale
01 March 2018   2063

The organizer of Telegram's ICO may refuse to hold a public ICO, which was scheduled for March. It is expected that the necessary amount of $ 3 billion Telegram can raise during the closed sale of their Gram tokens, which will make the need for a public campaign to disappear by itself. This is reported by Russian issue RBK with reference to two presentations for potential investors.

In presentations on behalf of venture funds iTechCapital and Da Vinci Capital, investors are invited to participate in the second part of the closed token.

They even have the opportunity to raise all the amount they need, even with a closed placement - there are a lot of offers from investors. Moreover, they can now refuse "unsuitable" investors, which can not turn out for public placement. 

RBK's Source

It is also known that by the second round of the campaign, the price of the token has grown significantly. If in the first stages it was $ 0.38, then in the documents for the current round it is said about the cost of $ 1.1- $ 1.45.

A total of 5 billion Gram will be issued. More than half of this number will be distributed among investors, 4% - reserved for developers, and the unsold portion will be retained as a reserve.

P. Durov Called to Testify in SEC vs Telegram Case

To testify, Durov will choose the date of January 7 or 8, 2020 and the address agreed by the participants in the process
26 November 2019   252

Telegram founder Pavel Durov and two company employees must come to testify during the current trial with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), CoinDesk writes referring to a document signed on November 25 by Judge Peter Kevin Castel of the New York Southern District Court. .

According to the document, to testify, Durov will choose the date of January 7 or 8, 2020 and the address agreed by the participants in the process. The main meeting at which the legal status of the Gram token will be decided is still scheduled for late February.

Also on December 16 in London, testimony should be given by Telegram Vice President Ilya Perekopsky, presumably responsible for contacts with investors during tokensales. The third person called to pre-testify on December 10 in London is Syam Pareh, a Telegram employee, whose name is indicated in the documents for investors.