Temasek Not to Finance Bitmain

Another company denies information on investment in mining giant
04 September 2018   732

The Singapore investment holding Temasek did not participate in financing the largest manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain, is not going to participate in the IPO and never discussed this issue with the company. 

We've seen commentary about an IPO involving a cryptocurrency company, Bitmain. Temasek is not an investor in Bitmain, and has never had discussions with, or an investment in Bitmain. News reports about our involvement in their IPO are false.

Temasek at Twitter

Twitter user BTCKING555, who became famous for publishing insider information about Bitmain's IPO, said that another announced investor represented by the GIC investment fund, founded by the Singapore government in 1981, is also not going to participate in financing the mining giant.

When Temasek exposes lying Chinese Mainland Company Bitmain HKEXGroup what about GIC ? Whose name Bitmain uses as investor in its deck and is on crunchbase Bitmain IPO GIC name is defrauded! Statement perhaps ?


Earlier, the Chinese technology giant Tencent and the Japanese media corporation SoftBank denied info on their participation in the financing of Bitmain.

Huobi to Issue Loans for Miners

This is the part of services that will be available for russian clients of the crypto exchange
19 November 2018   54

Huobi, which opened an office with 30 employees in Moscow on November 12, expects to give Russian users access not only to trading functionality, but also something more. This reported by CoinDesk.

As previously reported, a new call center with Russian-language support opens on the basis of the Russian division, which in itself distinguishes Huobi against the background of such exchanges as Binance, OKEx and Bitfinex, which are currently not ready to provide support to users in Russian.

In addition, through the Russian division of Huobi will implement over-the-counter trading (OTC) and listings, as well as provide personal managers for large customers, its head Andrei Grachev said. .

Initially, Huobi’s plans were even more ambitious - the exchange wanted to give users the opportunity to make deposits in Russian rubles, but local experts did not advise it to do so.

They consulted with us a lot, and in the end, I think, we made them feel disappointed. They were interested in providing fiat operations, but we told them it’s impossible.

Vladimir Demin

Head of the Center of Digital Transformations, Russian government-owned development bank Vnesheconombank

Nevertheless, Russian users will be able to buy cryptocurrency for rubles through an over-the-counter service, and then transfer it to their trading accounts, Grachev said. The over-the-counter platform is already functioning, but for the time being it is used by very few users from Russia, so Huobi expects to attract new customers to its proposal with a favorable commission rate.

In addition, Huobi intends to issue loans to miners for the purchase of specialized ASIC equipment and lease premises for their placement. According to Grachev, the service can earn in the first quarter of next year.