Tencent May Deny Deal With Bitmain

Chief Strategy Officer from Blockstream had posted information on the issue
22 August 2018   1566

Chinese technology giant Tencent did not participate in financing of the largest manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain. This was written by Samson Mow from Blockstream.

Samson Mow Twitter
Samson Mow Twitter

Here's the screenshot that Samson reposted:

Screenshot about Tencent

Samson Mow's tweet refers to the account BTCKING555. The latter attached a photo of the official statement, according to him, of Tencent, which states that the technology giant did not invest in Bitmain Technologies. The report also confirms information about Bitmain's intention to raise $ 3 billion during the IPO and place shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Information on the participation of Tencent and SoftBank in financing Bitmain for $ 1 billion appeared earlier this month. However, the Japanese media corporation SoftBank soon disproved it.

Bitmain to Launch Mining Centre in Texas

According to the company's plans, the farms capacity can reach 300 MW, which will make it the largest in the world
21 October 2019   82

Bitmain has completed the construction of a 50 MW mining center in Rockdale, Texas.

In the future, the farm's capacity can reach 300 MW, which will make it the largest in the world, according to Bitmain.

The company will create new jobs in the region. Together with local authorities, the company also organizes training for specialists in the field of blockchain technology and the maintenance of data centers.