TensorFlow 2.0 to be Released

New major release of the machine learning platform brought a lot of updates and changes, some stuff even got cut
01 October 2019   939

A significant release of the TensorFlow 2.0 machine learning platform is presented, which provides ready-made implementations of various deep machine learning algorithms, a simple programming interface for building models in Python, and a low-level interface for C ++ that allows you to control the construction and execution of computational graphs. The system code is written in C ++ and Python and is distributed under the Apache license.

The platform was originally developed by the Google Brain team and is used in Google services for speech recognition, facial recognition in photographs, determining the similarity of images, filtering spam in Gmail, selecting news in Google News and organizing the translation taking into account the meaning. Distributed machine learning systems can be created on standard equipment, thanks to the built-in support in TensorFlow for spreading computing to multiple CPUs or GPUs.

TensorFlow provides a library of off-the-shelf numerical computation algorithms implemented through data flow graphs. The nodes in such graphs implement mathematical operations or entry / exit points, while the edges of the graph represent multidimensional data arrays (tensors) that flow between the nodes. The nodes can be assigned to computing devices and run asynchronously, simultaneously processing all the suitable tensors at the same time, which allows you to organize the simultaneous operation of nodes in the neural network by analogy with the simultaneous activation of neurons in the brain.

Get more info about the update at official website.

Data Natives 2019 After Movie Released

Check the videoreport from one of the largest tech event of the year
19 December 2019   644

As you may remember, Data Natives organizes events in 50 largest tech capitals all over the globe. And the biggest annual conference is held in the home of the Data Natives - Berlin.

3500+ programmers, startupers, tech fans and professionals from the world of the newest technology visited the event this year.

Data Natives 2019 was a great success - during the 7 days of 25+ satellite events, 8,5h of workshops, 8h of inspiring keynotes, 10h of panels on five stages and a 48 hours-long hackathon, over 3500 data enthusiasts, professionals, founders and experts met, engaged and learned from 182+ speakers. We were sold out 2 days prior to the event and reached 8,9M impressions on DN19 hashtag - thank you for your support.

DN Team in Comment to Hype.Codes

We've visited the event and made a report. Check it out!

And now the time for the another update has come. Check the after movie of the event to feel it's atmosphare and energy. The report will give you the chance to see whole thing by yourself if missed the event.

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