Tesla S is using for bitcoin mining

Tesla owner uses vehicle’s supercharger for mining of the bitcoin
04 December 2017   1299

For this goal the Tesla S electric car owner installed a bitcoin mining computer in the trunk of the car. He uses the free power from the supercharger of his vehicle. The mining rig is then charged by the car’s supercharger. It could be very lucrative for car owner, because his only major investment is the cost of the mining rig itself and the accessories with associated equipment.

The use of the superchargers of electric vehicles for example the Tesla model may be a good idea, but some issues may originate. Among these troubles is the possibility that the mining rig could produce so much heat that could damage the car’s internal parts. The car’s battery pack could also be easily damaged when used continuously for Bitcoin mining.

Tesla or other electric car owners should decide carefully if they want to use this approach to mine cryptocurrencies due to its potential negative effects on the performance of their cars. Also can use of renewable energies for example solar panels.

Bitfury to Represent Bitcoin Mining Optimization Chip

The product is called Bitfury Clarke ASIC and it's based on five successful generations of mining chips
20 September 2018   131

Bitfury Group introduced a new generation of hardware for bitcoin mining under the control of the integrated microcircuit Bitfury Clarke ASIC.

Five successful generations of Bitfury mining chips are the basis for new Bitfury Clarke ASIC. According to the developers, the new chip has the highest performance characteristics among the bitcoin mining hardware.

14nm Bitfury Clarke ASIC is fully optimized for Bitcoin Mining on SHA256. The hashing capacity is up to 120 Gigahets per second (GH / s) with energy costs of only 55 miljoules per gigahash (mJ / GH). The minimum required mains voltage is 0.3 V.

In addition to selling Bitfury Clarke chips, Bitfury also integrates Bitfury Clarke into other hardware, including its own servers for mining and BlockBoxes, as well as in the mining centers in Canada, Norway, Iceland and Georgia.