Tether Hasn't Issued Any USDT For 2 Months

USDT tokens printer stopped immediatelly after the mail from US CFTC
19 March 2018   1090

On Tuesday, January 23, Tether Ltd suspended the issue of USDT tokens. It was on that day that the mail delivered a summons from the US CFTC to the company's representatives, TrustNodes reports.

It is worth noting that for eight months prior to this date, Tether launched more than 2 billion USTD on the market - almost every week the issue increased by 100 million units, and in a few days in January, 600 million were issued.

The reason why the company stopped issuing new tokens remains unknown - it may be due to unfavorable market conditions or the investigation of the CFTC.

Recall, on January 30, the news of the court summons received by Tether and Bitfinex, brought down the price of bitcoins below $ 10,000.

Class Action to be Filed Against Bitfinex

New lawsuit was filed to the Court of Eastern District of Washington on 22.11; exchange says it copies ideas from lawsuit filed earlier this fall
25 November 2019   184

The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange is forced to respond to a new class action lawsuit, which it considers "mercenary and baseless.”

The exchange writes on its blog that a lawsuit against it and sister company Tether was filed with the Eastern District of Washington District Court on November 22. The company accuses its organizers of copying ideas from another similar lawsuit that was filed against it earlier this fall.

According to Bitfinex, the new lawsuit “suffers from the same multitude of deficiencies” and is based on “the bogus research,” which makes it equally insolvent.

As we predicted last month, mercenary lawyers continue to try to use Bitfinex and Tether to obtain a payday. To be clear, there will be no nuisance settlements or settlements of any kind reached. Instead, all claims raised across both actions will be vigorously contested and ultimately disposed of in due course. Once they are, Bitfinex and Tether will fully evaluate their legal options against those bringing and promoting the baseless claims.

Bitfinex Team

Bitfinex promises to zealously assert its rights in the proceedings of both claims and expects that over time all charges against it will be dropped. Companies also intend to seek full compensation for their costs by the plaintiffs.

Among other things, in a statement, the exchange once again refutes information that Tether tokens were used to manipulate the market or did not have full dollar security.