TheKey to present its MVP on a testnet

A blockchain based identity verification technology developer TheKey has completed the development of the MVP ahead far ahead of schedule and will release the testnet on May 28
23 May 2018   691

TheKey chairwoman and CEO Catherine Lin (the most Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur in China) has announced that the development of MVP got completed way ahead of schedule (as was expected earlier). The team behind made a comprehensive internal evaluation and tested the product out. Being confident of the high quality of the work done the MVP Progress Report as well as the testnet will be released on May 28.

At the same time, the code of the MVP will be released for public review on the project GitHub. THEKEY is a blockchain based identity verification technology for securing digital identities. It uses Blockchain Based Dynamic Multidimensional Identification to store big data and built on a decentralized ecosystem. China government authorities exclusively authorized TheKey to handle Personally Identifiable Information.

At the moment of publication, TheKey market characteristics are as follows:

Average price 0.014074 USD
Market cap 64,812,057 USD
Volume (24H) 900,339 USD

Chinese Miners to Fall Victims of Ransomware

Looks like ransomware came together with "improved" firmware, that should "overclock" device
21 January 2019   79

In China, a ransomware spreads, victims of which are Bitcoin miners. The damage from its activities is measured in tens of thousands of dollars. This is reported by Trustnodes.

The virus infects miners, released by Bitmain, and requires you to send 10 bitcoins, otherwise threatening to cause overheating of the device.

The problem is solved by formatting the SD card of the infected device, however, as Trustnodes notes, the whole process can take up to four days, while malicious software rapidly spreads to the other miners.

Compromised device
Compromised device

Probably, the virus comes with an "improved" firmware for miners. Some owners install such firmware to “overclock” their ASIC devices and improve their performance.

The first messages about the virus refer to August last year. In particular, Antminer S9, T9 and even L3 + for Litecoin were attacked. Over time, the malware has been improved. Now its distributor himself can decide when to display a message requesting a ransom. One miner also said that one night the address to which the 4,000 devices belonging to him sent the mined cryptocurrency was changed to the address of the hacker, which brought him $ 8,000.