Thomas Reuters to Launch Cryptocurrency Index

Media giant has launched a new bitcoin data feed designed to make it easier for investors to monitor the market
12 March 2018   980

Thomson Reuters is launching a new bitcoin data feed, which will help investors determine what moods prevail in the bitcoin market at a particular moment. This is reported by Coindesk.

The indicator is included in the latest release of MarketPsych Indices, a toolkit for investment analysis of various indicators, from companies to government loan bonds.

The mood of the bitcoin market will be determined by artificial intelligence, analyzing over 400 data sources, including news articles and messages on social networks.

Our customers can use it to generate alpha. They can drive positive investment returns. They can use it to better balance the risk in their portfolios. 

Austin Burkett

Global head of Thomson Reuters

Using metrics such as greed or fear, investors will be able to determine the best time to hedge or place orders to buy or sell bitcoin, when indicators they trust more will indicate such an opportunity.

At the end of last year, the support of Bitcoin Cash, which became the third digital asset, was integrated into the Thomson Reuters Eikon platform, for the movement of the course which users of the service can follow.

Member of British Parliament Wants to Payl Tax in BTC

MP  comments were made shortly after the Ohio government allowed companies registered in this state to pay bitcoin taxes
11 December 2018   36

Eddie Hughes, a member of the UK Conservative Party, said that the state should make it possible to use Bitcoin when paying taxes and utilities. It is reported by The Daily Express.

Eddie Hughes, who represents North Walsall in parliament, calls himself a "crypto-enthusiast with amateur knowledge." According to him, the blockchain technology attracts a lot of attention, and therefore members of parliament "must understand it."

Eddie Hughes also said that he recently met with representatives of the Royal Society for Water Rescue, which accepts donations in cryptocurrencies, after which he came to the idea of ​​making it possible to use Bitcoin when paying municipal taxes and utilities.

It just feels like it gets talked about a lot, wherever you go in the UK, and as MPs we have a duty to understand it. 

Eddie Hughes


Hughes comments were made shortly after the Ohio government allowed companies registered in this state to pay bitcoin taxes, which he also reminded in his interview within the publication.