Tierion to seek $25m in Ethereum token sale

Blockchain startup Tierion launches ICO with a target of $ 25 million
10 July 2017   1620

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Tierion, a blockchain startup specializing in digital data verification solutions, has announced the creation of Tierion Network Token (TNT), a publicly traded digital asset based on Ethereum blockchain.


Is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality, which facilitates online contractual agreements 

According to the whitepaper of the project, the Tierion token will be designed to expand and strengthen the network effect that supports the Chainpoint protocol, that enables users to create time-stamped proofs using public blockchains.

Current Tierion vs New Tierion Network Current Tierion vs New Tierion Network

Wayne Vaughan, the founder and CEO of Tierion, believes that the forthcoming sale of tokens will help the startup to bring its product to a new level:

The reality is that startups are all always locked in an arms race for talent and capital, and there's a lot of people who are walking out the door, hanging out a white paper and no product and they're raising $15m to $20m. We're a company that's been around for 18 months and we have enterprise partnerships.

Wayne Vaughan
The founder and CEO of Tierion

He is also convinced that creating a distributed blockchain network will help Tierion's data verification services become more reliable and secure as well as it will expand the client base.

As part of the architecture design, Tierion, together with its core partners, will be responsible for running the full stack of services for Chainpoint, maintaining a new blockchain called a "calendar" to be mutually managed as a means of reducing the network's reliance on confirmations on the public ethereum and bitcoin blockchains for data accuracy.

The end users don't have to use the application. People will be able to run a Chainpoint node, and they will be able to offer a copy of all the services you currently get through Chainpoint.

Wayne Vaughan
The founder and CEO of Tierion

Under the design, Tierion together with its partners would host its own version of this service stack as a way to verify proofs and build its own applications, while a distributed network of nodes help scale and audit the network.

According to representatives of Tierion, Microsoft will be the first organization to join Chainpoint Core and manage a service cluster.

DFINITY to Postpone Internet Computer Launch

The project is currently assessing the time frame for the completion of the MVP
14 December 2018   67

The blockchain project Dfinity reported in its blog postponing the launch of its main product.

Previously, Dfinity chief scientist Dominic Williams said that his company intends to create an “Internet computer that will become cloud 3.0”, compete with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and also change the face of the blockchain industry.

According to him, the project team is developing a technology that has 150 higher performance than Ethereum blockchain and 900 times - Bitcoin. In essence, the project creates a “giant Internet computer”, whose work will be supported not by one company, but by all participants of the Dfinity protocol.

Initially, the release of a minimum viable product (MVP) was planned for the first quarter of 2019. However, according to company representatives, working on a trimmed version may slow down progress in creating a complete product.

The project is currently assessing the time frame for the completion of the MVP. Also, noted in Dfinity, before the end of the first quarter a new set of development tools (SDK) will be released, which will shed light on the future plans of the company.

In August, the Dfinity Foundation attracted $ 102 million of investments in the framework of a closed tokensale. Prior to this, at the beginning of the year, the Dfinity Foundation raised $ 61 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital.