TIOBE January 2020 Index to be Relaesed

The leaders are Java, C, Python and C ++, C# jumped to 5th from 7th, Swift - from 15th to 9th
13 January 2020   415

TIOBE has published a popularity rating for programming languages for 2019. The leaders are Java, C, Python and C ++. Compared to the rating editorial published a year ago, the ratings for C # (from 7th to 5th place), Swift (from 15th to 9th), Ruby (from 18th to 11th), Go (from 16th to 14th) and D (from 25th to 14th) and 17). The decline in popularity is observed for JavaScript (from 6 to 7), Visual Basic (from 5 to 6), Objective-C (from 10 to 13), Assembler (from 14 to 15), R (from 12 to 18) and Perl (with 13 to 19). In absolute terms, among the 20 leaders, an increase in the level of popularity is observed only for C, Python, C # and Swift.

TIOBE January 2020 Index
TIOBE January 2020 Index

The TIOBE popularity index does not try to find the best programming language for the largest number of written lines of code, but builds its arguments on changing interest in languages, based on the analysis of search query statistics. C was officially awarded as a language of 2019.

Oracle to Publish Critical Patch Update

In the the freshest update, a total of 334 vulnerabilities were eliminated in such products as Java SE, MySQL server, VirtualBox and other 
15 January 2020   103

Oracle has published a scheduled release of its Critical Patch Update, aimed at resolving critical issues and vulnerabilities. In the January update, a total of 334 vulnerabilities were eliminated.

Java SE 13.0.2, 11.0.6, and 8u241 have fixed 12 security issues. All vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely without authentication. The highest level of danger is 8.1, which is assigned to the serialization problem, which allows compromising Java SE applications by transmitting specially designed serialized data. Three vulnerabilities have a severity rating of 7.5. These problems are present in JavaFX and are caused by vulnerabilities in SQLite and libxslt.

In addition to problems in Java SE, vulnerabilities have been disclosed in other Oracle products, including:

  • 12 vulnerabilities in the MySQL server and 3 vulnerabilities in the implementation of the MySQL client (C API). The highest danger level 6.5 is assigned to three problems in the MySQL parser and optimizer. Issues resolved in MySQL Community Server 8.0.19, 5.7.29, and 5.6.47 releases.
  • 18 vulnerabilities in VirtualBox, of which 6 are of high severity (CVSS Score 8.2 and 7.5). Vulnerabilities will be fixed in VirtualBox 6.1.2, 6.0.16 and 5.2.36 updates, which are expected today.
  • 10 vulnerabilities in Solaris. The maximum severity rating of 8.8 is a locally exploited issue in the Common Desktop Environment. Of the problems with a severity rating of above 7, local vulnerabilities in the Consolidation Infrastructure and the file system can also be noted. Issues resolved in yesterday's Solaris 11.4 SRU 17 update.

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