TIOBE January 2020 Index to be Relaesed

The leaders are Java, C, Python and C ++, C# jumped to 5th from 7th, Swift - from 15th to 9th
13 January 2020   558

TIOBE has published a popularity rating for programming languages for 2019. The leaders are Java, C, Python and C ++. Compared to the rating editorial published a year ago, the ratings for C # (from 7th to 5th place), Swift (from 15th to 9th), Ruby (from 18th to 11th), Go (from 16th to 14th) and D (from 25th to 14th) and 17). The decline in popularity is observed for JavaScript (from 6 to 7), Visual Basic (from 5 to 6), Objective-C (from 10 to 13), Assembler (from 14 to 15), R (from 12 to 18) and Perl (with 13 to 19). In absolute terms, among the 20 leaders, an increase in the level of popularity is observed only for C, Python, C # and Swift.

TIOBE January 2020 Index
TIOBE January 2020 Index

The TIOBE popularity index does not try to find the best programming language for the largest number of written lines of code, but builds its arguments on changing interest in languages, based on the analysis of search query statistics. C was officially awarded as a language of 2019.

Android-x86 9.0-r2 to be Rolled Out

This project's goal is a porting of the Andoid to the x86 achitecture, in another words, to launch Android apps on devices with x86 CPUs
23 January 2020   231

The developers of the Android-x86 project, within the framework of which an independent community is developing the Android platform port for the x86 architecture, have published the second test release of the assembly based on the Android 9 platform. The assembly includes corrections and additions that improve the performance of Android on the x86 architecture. Universal Live-builds of Android-x86 9 for x86 32-bit (725 Mb) and x86_64 (920 Mb) architectures suitable for use on standard laptops and tablet PCs are prepared for download. Additionally, rpm packages for installing the Android environment in Linux distributions have been prepared.

Compared with the first test release in Android-x86 9.0-r2, synchronization with the Android 9.0.0_r52 branch, updating the Linux kernel 4.19.95, Mesa 19.3.2 and the Taskbar 5.0.1 panel were noted.z

Get more at the release notes.