Today Monero price became more $ 240

Monero hit own price record on December, 05 and can grow up more
05 December 2017   1277

The price charts indicate that the prices of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero are at an all-time high and could grow up else. CoinMarketCap reported the XMR has appreciated 19 percent in the last 24 hours. Monero (XMR) moved hit previous record over $ 210 today and was trading at the new lifetime over $ 240.12. In the short-term Monero could grow up to $265–$270 levels.

Also this cryptocurrency could became more popular including due to using payments scheme in music industry. A range of well-known musicians for example Mariah Carey, G-Eazy, Marilyn Manson and more has begun accepting the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Monero. Now users can buy albums and merchandise at a discounted cost, including 15 percent reductions on items from Carey's store, Mötorhead, Alice Cooper and more.

CoinMarketCap data shows the rally is being in part fueled by Korean desks. Volumes of trading pair of XMR/KRW which  one of the largest South Korean exchanges Bithumb reported about, have grown up by 30 percent over the last day.

BlackSquid Hidden Miner to Attack US & Thai PCs

The malware is distributed through malicious websites, compromised web servers, network drives, and USB drives; it uses different exploits and vulnerabilities
05 June 2019   185

Trend Micro researchers have discovered a new malware that mines the Monero cryptocurrency on users' devices, reports ZDNet.

Most of all, a new malware miner called BlackSquid is popular in Thailand and the United States. The maleware is distributed through malicious websites, compromised web servers, network drives, and USB drives. BlackSquid uses EternalBlue, DoublePulsar, server vulnerabilities CVE-2014-6287, CVE-2017-12615, CVE-2017-8464 and errors in the ThinkPHP web application.

BlackSquid uses various tricks to keep the program unnoticed. For example, if a program detects that it was running in a virtualization environment, or finds debugging tools, then the malicious functions will not be activated.

Unnoticed, the malware installs the XMRig mining script. The attack does not end there - the program also scans the system for the a video card in order to extract coins more efficiently. After infecting one computer on the network, the virus tries to spread to other systems.