TOKEN2049 to be Held in Hong Kong

TOKEN2049 will gather people from various crypto projects and leading digital asset funds in Hong Kong on 20-21 March, 2018
19 February 2018   1485

TOKEN2049 organizes the digital asset event in Hong Kong on 20-21 March, 2018, to explore in-depth the growing crypto ecosystem, global developments of this new asset class, taking a unique and widening perspective on the token industry and its opportunities in Asia.

People from some of the most exciting crypto projects and leading digital asset funds will come to Hong Kong to share their knowledge and stories, providing insights into the growing crypto ecosystem. They will be joined by global media, thought-leaders, regulators and hundreds of participants for two productive and insightful networking days.

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Location: KERRY HOTEL, 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Dates: 20-21 March, 2018

The headline speakers are Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic; Chris Burniske, partner at Placeholder, Co-author of "Cryptoassets"; Max Kordek, president at Lisk; Martin Köppelmann, CEO and co-founder of Gnosis; Toby Hoenisch, co-Founder and CEO at TenX; Brendan Blumer, founder at EOS, and many more.

In addition to covering global blockchain-based developments and trends, TOKEN2049 will shine light on the token-based ecosystem in Asia and the vast opportunities blockchain technology enables across the rapidly growing region, look at the potential social impact of blockchain technology and how, through automation and efficiency, today’s society will be affected.

Our editorial board is working to provide best experience to our readers, and let them dive inside the conference even before it started. 

We managed to talk to some of the headline speakers and receive comments towards what is waiting the attendees of the digital conference!

Federico Ast
CEO of Kleros

Federico Ast

I'm CEO of Kleros, a project that uses crowdsourcing and blockchain to adjudicate disputes in a fast, trasparent and affordable way. I will speak about the social impact of blockchain technology, in particular, it's potential for transforming legal systems. Just as cryptocurrencies are helping in banking the unbanked, Kleros can help give justice to the "injusticed".

Federico Ast

CEO, Kleros

Federico Ast told us that blockchain technology is sure to help millions of people around the world, in particular in emerging economies, to have access to justice.

Simon Dixon
CEO and Co-Founder of BnkToTheFuture

Simon Dixon

Tokens are consuming traditional finance as we speak but at the same time regulators are trying to plan their strategy. At Token2049 I’ll discuss what token sales will look like as the regulatory environment evolves and some forecasted impacts of the future of finance.

Simon Dixon


Daria Generalova
Co-founder of ICOBox

Daria generalova

I would present a case study of a well-done token sale, talking about what actually happens behind the scenes – the nuts and bolts of launching an ICO. As for the event itself, like with every conference I go to, I expect to meet many driven, creative people. But first, I thoroughly expect and hope to be offline for the duration of my long flight to Hong Kong. And then to sort through 300 new work-related messages on Telegram.

Daria Generalova

Co-founder, ICOBox

Gabriel Francesch
Managing Director at Kotoba Translation

Gabriel Francesch

The field of blockchain and cryptocurrency is turning into an industry of its own, as the various actors evolve into more structured entities, and more and more dedicated service providers turn their focus to this nascent industry, from marketing agencies, lawyers, accountants and recruiters to market makers and a new breed of investment analysts. Without running an ICO, offering products or services is a unique way to understand the ins and outs of this fascinating field, and contribute to the industry. How big is this market? Where is it located? How to break into it? Where are the best opportunities? What does it take to run a crypto-friendly business? Where will the ecosystem be in 5 years?

Gabriel Francesch

Managing Director, Kotoba Translation

Gabriel Francesch told us that 2018 will be a decisive year for the blockchain industry, as some of the expectations about the technology materialize into successful projects gaining large adoption. He expects Token 2049 to be an excellent opportunity to understand where we stand, and what are the most exciting things to look forward to this year.

Darren Camas
Senior Advisor at Emurgo

Darren Camas

Tokenization has proved to be a formidable force with the threat of disrupting traditional VC. However regulators have ICOs on watch, raising the compliance bar for projects raising funds. I'll be speaking about disruption, evolution, and coming-of-age for the Crypto VC model at Token2049.

Darren Camas

Senior Advisor, Emurgo

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Bitfinex to Launch New Improved Fiat Deposit System

New system of deposists supports 4 popular currencies and requires KYC procedure completion
17 October 2018   93

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange has introduced a new system for fiat currencies deposits: the US dollar (USD), the British pound (GBP), the Japanese yen (JPY) and the euro (EUR). Now, the users who have completed the KYC procedure will create an application, indicating the deposit amount and currency, and the platform representatives will consider it within 48 hours.

Then, if approved, users will be sent the recipient's bank data, and the deposit itself will be credited to the account within 6-10 business days.

In this case, the minimum threshold of $ 10,000 was not abolished.

Earlier, Bitfinex had an anomalous growth of Bitcoin to the level of $ 7,788, which was associated with the possible collapse of Tether.

Nevertheless, the USDT price also stabilized, and representatives of the issuer said that the tokens were fully secured.