TOKEN2049 to be Held in Hong Kong

TOKEN2049 will gather people from various crypto projects and leading digital asset funds in Hong Kong on 20-21 March, 2018
19 February 2018   1308

TOKEN2049 organizes the digital asset event in Hong Kong on 20-21 March, 2018, to explore in-depth the growing crypto ecosystem, global developments of this new asset class, taking a unique and widening perspective on the token industry and its opportunities in Asia.

People from some of the most exciting crypto projects and leading digital asset funds will come to Hong Kong to share their knowledge and stories, providing insights into the growing crypto ecosystem. They will be joined by global media, thought-leaders, regulators and hundreds of participants for two productive and insightful networking days.

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Location: KERRY HOTEL, 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Dates: 20-21 March, 2018

The headline speakers are Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic; Chris Burniske, partner at Placeholder, Co-author of "Cryptoassets"; Max Kordek, president at Lisk; Martin Köppelmann, CEO and co-founder of Gnosis; Toby Hoenisch, co-Founder and CEO at TenX; Brendan Blumer, founder at EOS, and many more.

In addition to covering global blockchain-based developments and trends, TOKEN2049 will shine light on the token-based ecosystem in Asia and the vast opportunities blockchain technology enables across the rapidly growing region, look at the potential social impact of blockchain technology and how, through automation and efficiency, today’s society will be affected.

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We managed to talk to some of the headline speakers and receive comments towards what is waiting the attendees of the digital conference!

Federico Ast
CEO of Kleros

Federico Ast

I'm CEO of Kleros, a project that uses crowdsourcing and blockchain to adjudicate disputes in a fast, trasparent and affordable way. I will speak about the social impact of blockchain technology, in particular, it's potential for transforming legal systems. Just as cryptocurrencies are helping in banking the unbanked, Kleros can help give justice to the "injusticed".

Federico Ast

CEO, Kleros

Federico Ast told us that blockchain technology is sure to help millions of people around the world, in particular in emerging economies, to have access to justice.

Simon Dixon
CEO and Co-Founder of BnkToTheFuture

Simon Dixon

Tokens are consuming traditional finance as we speak but at the same time regulators are trying to plan their strategy. At Token2049 I’ll discuss what token sales will look like as the regulatory environment evolves and some forecasted impacts of the future of finance.

Simon Dixon


Daria Generalova
Co-founder of ICOBox

Daria generalova

I would present a case study of a well-done token sale, talking about what actually happens behind the scenes – the nuts and bolts of launching an ICO. As for the event itself, like with every conference I go to, I expect to meet many driven, creative people. But first, I thoroughly expect and hope to be offline for the duration of my long flight to Hong Kong. And then to sort through 300 new work-related messages on Telegram.

Daria Generalova

Co-founder, ICOBox

Gabriel Francesch
Managing Director at Kotoba Translation

Gabriel Francesch

The field of blockchain and cryptocurrency is turning into an industry of its own, as the various actors evolve into more structured entities, and more and more dedicated service providers turn their focus to this nascent industry, from marketing agencies, lawyers, accountants and recruiters to market makers and a new breed of investment analysts. Without running an ICO, offering products or services is a unique way to understand the ins and outs of this fascinating field, and contribute to the industry. How big is this market? Where is it located? How to break into it? Where are the best opportunities? What does it take to run a crypto-friendly business? Where will the ecosystem be in 5 years?

Gabriel Francesch

Managing Director, Kotoba Translation

Gabriel Francesch told us that 2018 will be a decisive year for the blockchain industry, as some of the expectations about the technology materialize into successful projects gaining large adoption. He expects Token 2049 to be an excellent opportunity to understand where we stand, and what are the most exciting things to look forward to this year.

Darren Camas
Senior Advisor at Emurgo

Darren Camas

Tokenization has proved to be a formidable force with the threat of disrupting traditional VC. However regulators have ICOs on watch, raising the compliance bar for projects raising funds. I'll be speaking about disruption, evolution, and coming-of-age for the Crypto VC model at Token2049.

Darren Camas

Senior Advisor, Emurgo

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Top Upcoming ICO 22nd - 28th July

Check the most interesting upcoming ICOs: CrowdPrecision, InsCoin for Knox Project, METOKEN, Vanig, Codex, Plentix, WAR FIELD
15 July 2018   55

CBOE Presindent recently warned the ICO community about the issues, that they may face in nearest future. But we had some great news recently - it has became known that in 2018, ICO-projects raised $ 9.29 billion, which is more than double than total for the previous year. The corresponding data is reported by CoinSchedule. It is worth noting that, unlike many other ratings, CoinSchedule takes into account Telegram ($ 1.7 billion) and Venezuelan El Petro ($ 735 million). These projects are the leaders in terms of investment.In each month of the current year, more than $ 1 billion was collected, and at the expense of Telegram, March became the leader - $ 3.8 billion.

Upcoming ICO

Today we have prepared for you the best and most interesting ICOs, that will start offering coins next week. 

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1. CrowdPrecision 

Hype.Codes rate  92

CrowdPrecision offers higher quality results at lower cost and faster. We decided against a solely decentralized platform. Our experiences show that there are always cases that can not be clarified automatically. Therefore, our platform has a group of experts who serve as a point of arbitration and take into account both, the interests of employees and employers in a neutral way. CrowdPrecision tackles two of the most significant challenges in current Crowdsourcing applications - quality control of the work submitted and fast and cost-effective payment mechanisms. 

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Sales dates: Jul 22nd - Aug 19th
Accepted currencies. ETH
Soft cap 7.5k ETH
Hard cap 30k ETH
Website and Whitepaper 

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2. InsCoin for Knox Project

Hype.Codes rate 83

"InsCoin for Knox Project" aims to establish the first insurance company that will accept a Crypto (INSC) for the payment of insurance premiums, and the first that, with the help of the blockchain, will solve the problem of falsification of insurance policies. The KNOX project will be the first insurance company that merges the real world with the digital one using Blockchain technology, creating the most efficient and advanced structure in the sector, to find a solution to the problem of certification and anti-forgery of insurance policies. It will be the first ever to emit insurance policies both in smart-contract and traditional paper form. With the smart contract the spread of false insurance policies is avoided because it is the same system that issues them after receiving the payment. With the smart contract the company won't have delay in collecting credits, as the policy is issued only after receiving the payment.

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Sales dates. Jul 23rd - Aug 30th 
Accepted currencies. ETH
Soft cap 4k ETH
Hard cap 39 444 ETH
Website and Whitepaper


Hype.Codes rate 91

Optimized for all users, is a shoppable, Instagram-like fashion experience. monetarily incentivises quality content creation from influencers and brands while rewarding users for opting in to receive targeted advertisements. The platform connects and rewards fashion influencers, consumers, and brands. For example, Influencers are able to post brands’ outfits on the platform. Users can like and share such posts, while both parties are rewarded for content creation and engagement. Using’s patented virtual fitting room, shoppers can try on the outfit, and even purchase directly. Fashion brands are happy due to a satisfied customer and a valued influencer.

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Sales dates. Jul 23rd - Aug 22nd
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC
Soft cap $10M
Hard cap $30M
Website and Whitepaper

4. Vanig

Hype.Codes rate 89

Vanig is the world’s first integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain ecosystem powered by the blockchain. Vanig Patent Pending solution addresses several significant Supply Chain and E-Commerce challenges and inefficiencies, providing a higher level of brand experience. Our Supply Chain ecosystem leverages the latest in blockchain technology through HyperLedger’s Sawtooth Lake technology. We simplify the E-Commerce experience and its embedded Supply Chain, eliminating intermediaries and manual processes as it ushers in a new level of transparency. The Vanig platform is safe, secure, and user-friendly, benefiting all members of the ecosystem and embraces cryptocurrency payments. It shortens recall process and timelines for manufacturers and retailers, providing real-time product visibility through to the consumer. Provenance information on products, increasingly an essential consumer ask, is fully integrated.

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Sales dates. Jul 23rd - Sep 25th
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, LTC, USD
Soft cap $2M
Hard cap $20M
Website and Whitepaper

5. Codex

Hype.Codes rate 86

Codex is the leading decentralized asset registry for the $2 trillion arts & collectibles (“A&C”) ecosystem, which includes art, fine wine, collectible cars, antiques, decorative arts, coins, watches, jewelry, and more. Powered by the CodexCoin native token, the Codex Protocol is open source, allowing third-party players in the A&C ecosystem to build applications and utilize the registry. These applications, built with Codex’s partners, will make buying, selling, insurance, asset-backed loans and shipping and logistics easier for everyone. Codex’s first application, Biddable, is a title-escrow system built on the Codex Protocol, which solves long-standing challenges in auctions: non-performing bidders, lack of privacy, and bidder access. It is already live with the Codex Consortium, a group of major stakeholders in the A&C space who facilitate over $6 Billion in sales to millions of bidders across tens of thousands of auctions from 5,000 auction houses in over 50 countries.

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Sales dates. Jul 15th - Aug 15th
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC
Hard cap $25M
Website and Whitepaper

6. Plentix

Hype.Codes rate 89

The advent of cryptocurrencies and the tokenized economy makes it possible to re-imagine the entire value chain of consumer, products, and producers from a referral perspective. We present Plentix, a tokenized platform that enables users to refer other users to a business entity and enables business entities to leverage existing APIs for industry specific referrals and allows for safe, secure, trustless value exchange to take place. Unlike other referral platforms, Plentix unleashes the potential of a new global ecosystem to monetize referrals for every stakeholder, from the producer to the consumer.

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Sales dates. Jul 11th - Jul 24th
Accepted currencies. ETH, LTC, BTC, USD
Soft cap $3M
Hard cap $24M
Website and Whitepaper


Hype.Codes rate 85

WAR FIELD is a fully-functional, action-packed multiplayer first-person shooter game with a blockchain-driven gaming economy that uses tradeable Ethereum-based cryptographic GLDR Tokens you can buy, sell, trade, and win for skilful play.

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Sales dates. Jul 26th - Nov 15th
Accepted currencies. BTC, ETH, LTC
Hard cap $3M
Hard cap $12M
Website and Whitepaper

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