Tokens.Net to Launch Private Beta

Tokens plans to launch the private beta during April 2018, and later in June it will release the beta version of mobile application
09 April 2018   918 is a platform which introduces Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) token aiming to revolutionize the current crypto exchange environment as the exchange will not be collecting trading fees for the purpose of running operations, instead it will use them to purchase DTR tokens which will later be provably burned by a smart contract.

According to the whitepaper of Tokens, it plans to launch the private beta during April 2018, and later in June it will release the beta version of mobile application. Whitepaper Whitepaper Fragment

Tokens Initial Coin Offering lasted from November 6, 2017 to December 6, 2017. Currently DTR token is trading at Livecoin and EtherDelta cryptocurrency exchanges. The public launch of the platform will take place in July 2018, and the public lauch of the mobile app is expected in August 2018.

Moreover, Tokens trading platform will introduce DTR Voice. The community will be periodically consulted about the future decisions regarding both future trading pair listings and other decisions that would contribute to the user experience.

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Tezos Bug to Slow Down the Network in 20 Times

The issue looks fixed now and Tezos network works in the standard transmission mode
25 September 2018   165

In the main network of the Tezos block project, a bug was discovered one week after its official launch. According to, on August 24, due to the vulnerability, the release time of the blocks increased from 1 to 20 minutes.

The user of the service for hosting IT projects GitLab under the nickname "Jérémie" reported on block freezing for 45 minutes. Later in Riot chat he learned that developers are aware of the problem and they are working on its solution.

Bug between the baker and the node. The two communicate over json but the json serializer incorrectly handled some control characters. Immediate fix was to patch the serializer. Medium term fix is that the baker and node really should communicate using the binary RPCs instead.

murbard at Reddit

Soon after the discovery of the bug, one of the developers posted an urgent fix at GitHub, which was proposed to be installed by all the bakers. Currently the Tezos network operates in normal mode, and the units are released every minute.

As of September 25, 08:00 UTC network of Tezos worked in the standard transmission mode - 1 block per 1 minute