TOP-3 Ongoing ICO 4 - 11 Apr According to Our Readers

Let’s check which ongoing ICOs from 4th to 11th April are considered the best according to our readers
11 April 2018   519

Our readers are dedicated cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fans of blockchain technology. We provide them with the ability to express their opinion o a regular basis. Let’s check top three ongoing ICO according to our readers.

1. Lunes Platform

Lunes is a platform that provides a set of solutions built in a decentralized way using blockchain technology, such as creating tokens, authenticity records and payment processing through gateway operators, both “fi at” currencies and cryptocurrencies. In this way, the Lunes solutions have easy installation and use, making it possible to take the blockchain technology to the general public in an uncomplicated way, being initially made available on the web, mobile and desktop platforms.

Lunes Platform ICO
Lunes Platform ICO

At the moment of press, Lunes raised $823,191 during the Pre-ICO and the ICO will start on 15 of April. Guys have good chances to raise the required amount during the ICO.

2. Photochain

Photochain is a decentralized, revolutionary Stock Photography Platform on Blockchain with fair Conditions, Low Fees on the Market and full Control over the Content for the Contributor. On the IPFS Photochain Database, each uploaded Photo is linked to a Photographer through a Blockchain Transaction. This Link can not be removed or manipulated in any Way. Copyright is handled by using Machine Learning Bots and the Photochain Community is incentivized through Rewards. Photochain is ahead of its Competitors and ready to disrupt the monopolized Stock Photography Industry. We have a great Team and Board of Advisors (including Ex-Shutterstock Executive and ExLinkedIn Executive). Be Part of our Mission. No Games - Just Photography!

Photochain ICO
Photochain ICO

At the moment of press, 150 071.79 Photchain tokens sold, 10 000 000 PHT sold during pre-sale.

3. Fire Lotto

FireLotto is new Ethereum based lottery. All transactions via smart contract. Fire Lotto can operate as a global blockchain protocol, but can also be offered to governments of specific countries as a solution to challenges to ensuring a fair lottery.

FireLotto ICO
FireLotto ICO

firelotto raised $3 108 306

20 762 114 FLOT sold, soft cap reach days ago and the ICO is still ongoing. Great result, guys! FireLotto had been a winner of our polls for many times, looks like in vain.

We will keep our eye on these campaigns and we hope that their projects will be successful. We are really grateful to our readers for your opinion expression. Please, check the updated Top Ongoing ICO and take part in new poll!

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Bittrex to List LOOM

LOOM is the token of the American startup Loom Network, which launches decentralized applications
18 July 2018   189

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex listed Loom Network token LOOM. 

As the team of the exchange said, trading with the crypto currency will begin in the near future. On the background of this news, LOOM showed a price jump fo 14%.

LOOM Price Chart
LOOM Price Chart

LOOM is the token of the American startup Loom Network, which is launching decentralized applications.

In January, Bittrex tightened the criteria for listing new tokens. Now, developers need to provide technical information about the token itself, as well as the data of at least one team member. At the moment, the exchange has 290 digital coins.