Top ODE index

Worldwide, Jun 2020 compared to a year ago:
Change- Item -ShareTrend
1 Cloud942.777.08
2 JSFiddle27.68-6.14
3 Koding8.44-0.98
6 Codeanywhere4.220.34
7 PythonAnywhere3.170.84
8 Codenvy1.640.09
9 Codiad0.590.14
10 Online PHP IDE0.490.16
11 Python Fiddle0.40.09
12 ShiftEdit0.20.05
131Orion IDE0.170.08

Many developers refuse to install the local environment on their computer and use the clouds, where all the necessary environment is configured. On the one hand, it can save money and allow not buy tools that will be used only a few times, on the other hand, the developer does not have complete control over the environment. Anyway, these solutions are becoming more popular, and our rating will help determine which of them worth paying attention to.

The rating is based on the analysis of the number of requests in the search engines for each ODE. The more an ODE is searched, the more popular the ODE is assumed to be. The rating is updated automatically.