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From this article you will learn about the most interesting ongoing ICO which are currently running and available for investing
29 November 2017   82817

In the Top ongoing ICO heading we enlighten the readers about the companies and projects which are now in the process of raising funds to make their ideas come to life.

We are constantly updating the list of the most interesting ICO based on such criteria as the concept of the project, completeness, accessibility of information and presence of all necessary documentation. Hype.Codes Rate is the average, abstract ranking, that we give to every ongoing ICO.

In this article you can find relevant information about the main features of top ongoing ICO, find the dates, ICO status and rating, read the description and watch the video presentation of the projects.

Current list for quick navigation: Streamity, XYO Network, FireLotto, BitCar, ADAMANT, DataBrokerDAO, WorldWiFi, European Crypto Bank, Flashmoni, Nauticus

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1. Streamity

The key element of STREAMITY is StreamDesk decentralized application for exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat money without intermediaries on the basis of smart contracts. How does the exchange work? Cryptocurrency is blocked in the smart contract till the signal about crediting of fiat money to the seller’s account is received, being transferred directly between users. Fiat money and cryptocurrency are not blocked on the platform, which allows us to work legally in most jurisdictions of the world. Commission. The commission varies from 0 to 2% and depends on the purchased package with a set of benefits. Advantages. StreamDesk project is based on the sought-after mass service, and connection of new users will create a strong demand for STM tokens. Moreover, the tokens will be openly traded on the main crypto exchanges, and, through StreamDesk service, users will transform cryptocurrency into ordinary money as it is much more profitable, by ensuring access of new users to the service!

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Sales dates: 1st phase - 12.03-25.03.18 2nd phase - 16.04-29.04.18
Accepted currencies. BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR
Soft cap $500k 
Hard cap $20M 
Raised. $3.8M (14.03.2018)
Website and Whitepaper 

2. XYO Network

With over 1 million location-verifying beacons already in the world, XYO is blockchain's first crypto-location oracle network. The XY Oracle Network ("XYO Network") allows developers and smart contract creators to interact with the real world as if it were an API.

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Sales dates. March 20th, 2018 - May 21st, 2018
Accepted currencies. ETH
Website and whitepaper 

3. Fire Lotto

FireLotto is new Ethereum based lottery. All transactions via smart contract. Fire Lotto can operate as a global blockchain protocol, but can also be offered to governments of specific countries as a solution to challenges to ensuring a fair lottery.

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Sales dates:Mar 15th to Apl 15th, 2018
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC
Hard cap: 40M FLOT
Sold: 18 261 639 FLOT (14.03.2018)
Website and Whitepaper 

4. BitCar 

Hyper car asset tokenization. BitCar is the first platform in the world that will allow you to P2P trade fractions of exotic cars using your crypto. Owners can peg their crypto to these hard assets for protection during times of high crypto volatility. Users will have access to this historically outperforming asset class for the first time through BitCar. BitCar will then also seek to provide fractional ownership services to the very large automotive industry using this new decentralized blockchain technology.

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Sales period: From Jan 31st
Token Bonus Structure 4 Tranches. Duration max 2 Weeks/Tranche or until tokens sold Accepted currencies: ETH, LTD, BTC, PAYEER (Credit Card)
Hard cap: $22M
Website and whitepaper

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The ADAMANT project is made to respond to the question of trust in private data transfer security, since it is based on a proven to be robust Blockchain conception, and its program code is open and public. The project uses modern encryption methods and unique Blockchain technology and provides a high guarantee of confidentiality of the information transfers among all users within the system. 

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Sales period: Jan 30th, 2017 to Mar 30th, 2018
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, XMR, ETC, ZEC, LSK
Token price: from 0.002 ETH to 0.005 ETH for 1 ADM
Soft cap: $500,000
Hard cap: $30,000,000
Website and whitepaper

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6. DataBrokerDAO

The global market for IoT sensors has surpassed 600 billion USD per year including the purchase, installation and maintenance of sensors and the acquisition of software packages to interpret and enrich the data. The data resulting from this investment is for prima usage by the sensor owner or enhanced with value-added insights and resold. DataBroker DAO is the first marketplace for IoT Sensor data that will connect sensor owners with purchasers of the data directly, utilising existing infrastructure from telecommunication providers operating sensor connectivity networks based on GSM, LoRa, SigFox or via a proprietary gateway of the sensor owner. In a sense, the DataBroker DAO can be likened to a “secondary market” for IoT sensor data and has been referred to as an “eBay” or “Amazon” for IoT sensor data.

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Sales dates: 19th Mar to 25th Apr, 2018
Accepted currencies. ETH
Hard cap: 108M DTX
Website and Whitepaper 

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7. WorldWiFi

World Wi-Fi is a global decentralized free network. The participants of the platform include ordinary users, router owners and advertisers. The users enjoy free internet, router owners are paid by advertisers for the ads viewed by the users; advertisers receive an effective tool for targeting of advertising and analytics of advertising campaign effectiveness.

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Sales dates: Jan 28th to Apr 16th, 2018
Accepted currencies: ETH
Soft cap $3M
Hard cap $25M 
Raised: $5.2M
Website and Whitepaper

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8. European Crypto Bank

European Crypto Bank (ECB) is building the first bank and trading platform to secure investments on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies market on the blockchain. French, Italian and English specialists have formed a multi-disciplinary team to create an European Private bank. Wealth and asset bankers, tax specialists, computer scientists, mathematicians, and Blockchain engineers have partnered to facilitate access to the cryptocurrencies market to as many people as possible by personalized advices and approaches (Wealth Management and Wealth Optimization).

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Sales dates: Feb 16th to May 1st, 2018
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH,ETC, LTC, XRP, DSH, BCH, Fiat
Soft cap 5M EUR
Hard cap 200M EUR
Raised. 2736,51 ETH (21.03.2018)
Website and Whitepaper 

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9. Flashmoni

Flashmoni is a blockchain company that offers a physical gold-backed cryptocurrency, innovative payment solutions and a smart contract-based advertising technology.

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Sale dates: Feb 10th to Apr 10th, 2018 
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
Soft cap 7,029 ETH
Hard cap 87,863 ETH
Raised: 52300 ETH (21.03.2018)
Website  and Whitepaper

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10. Nauticus

The Nauticus Initial Coin Offering is the first step in the company’s bold vision for six global banking and eCommerce solutions utilizing blockchain technology. ICO backers will be able to use and trade their Nauticus Coins immediately on the new Nauticus cryptocurrency and fiat exchange. The Nauticus Exchange is in the final stages of development and is due to open in mid-2018. When it opens it will offer 100 crypto and six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD, and ZAR) Nauticus is also establishing a sustainable blockchain mining center that will provide revenue, and a sizeable amount of server capacity to ensure ultra-fast processing for all users of Nauticus services. The center will use renewable energy. Profits will be reinvested in the business to support the development of a low-cost eCommerce marketplace, along with merchant and peer-to-peer payment options. These new platforms will be underpinned by the Nauticus Coin, Exchange, Mobile App and Wallet.

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Sales period: Apl 18th to Apl 30th, 2018
Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, Fiat
Soft cap $8M
Hard cap $88M
Website and Whitepaper

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Voting for the best ongoing ICO 21 - 28 Mar

We are constantly updating the list of top ongoing ICO and we would like you to share some thoughts on which ongoing Token Sale of 21st to 28th of March is the most appealing to you. Which one seems interesting for you to invest your funds, and which one, in your opinion, will bring the most profit? Please, select one of the options below.

Dogethereum Coin Launching in 2018

Dogethereum is a new digital currency, which will be founded on snapshot of Dogecoin and based on ETH algorithm with fastest speed of transactions and smart contracts
21 March 2018   95

Bitcointalk forum is well-known for being one of the fastest sourses of news regarding cryptocurrecnies and digital assets. In February of 2018 the thread about Dogethereum, a new decentralized digital currency, which will be founded on snapshot of Dogecoin and based on ETH algorithm with fastest speed of transactions, smart contracts, appeared on Bitcointalk.

As it was stated in the announcement, the goal of the project is to push Doge currency to the brand new direction, with no ASIC mining, speed and simplicity. The project is stated to be community driven, and there will be no ICOs, premines or other manipulations. DOGX is developed by professional team of engineers and economists who are passionate about crypto currensies, so there are no extra commissions, fees or predefined stakes.

Roadmap of Dogethereum:

  • Establish secure stable network -  DONE 
  • Warm up and prepare network for public access - IN PROGRESS
  • Fork of all coins DOGE 1:1 DOGX - DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED
  • Public advertisement and promo - SOON
  • Listing on crypto Exchanges 
  • Research and development of faster algorithm with better scalability - 2019

The exact fork date has not been announced yet, but it is reportedly scheduled for winter 2018.