Top programming languages, August 2017

The top 20 programming languages ranking according to the TIOBE index
11 August

The TIOBE index is an index that estimates the popularity of programming languages based on the search engines queries results calculation containing the name of the language (a query of the form + "<language> programming").

Several of the most visited portals are used to collect information. Among them: Google, Blogger, Wikipedia, YouTube, Baidu, Yahoo !, Bing, Amazon. The index is calculated monthly.

On the August of 2017, according to TIOBE, top 3 programming languages are:

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. C++

 TIOBE index August 2017
TIOBE index August 2017

As you can see, Visual Basic .NET, Ruby, Swft, R, Go, MATLAB, Scratch and Dart had increased their popularity. For example, for a last year, GO gained 4 points (at 16 position now) and Dart burst on top 20 (now 20, year ago was at 26).

TIOBE Community Index August 2017
TIOBE Community Index August 2017

On the pic above, you can see the popularity of different programming languages from 2002 to 2017. Java, C and C++ are always in a trend. 

JDK 9 Hidden Gems

Mikael Vidstedt and Sandhya Viswanathan talk about JDK 9 optimizations spanning support for larger vectors
01 November

What does JDK 9 mean to you? Modularization is the first thing that comes to mind, but there is a lot more. Come discover less-well-known but important technologies that Oracle has been working on with partners such as Intel to provide a higher-performance, lower-footprint, scalable Java with JDK 9.

This session talks about JDK 9 optimizations spanning support for larger vectors with enhanced vectorization, optimized math libraries, cryptography and compression acceleration, compact strings, new APIs with associated optimized implementation, and many more features that help big data, cloud, microservices, HPC, and FSI applications.

Speakers are:

  • Mikael Vidstedt, JVM Architect, Oracle
  • Sandhya Viswanathan, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Intel Corporation