Top recent ICO 22th - 28th October

The list of the most interested tokensale campaigns, which had ended on the last week
27 October 2017   899

The idea to presale coins of a cryptocurrency or token of a blockchain project has evolved in a crazy successful instrument to raise funds for the development of a new application. Projects held a successful ICO raise millions of dollars, make partnerships and gain popularity. That’s why it is vital to follow the latest ICO news and trends.

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Here is a close up of the most interesting ICO ended this week. As it always happens in this industry, some of them were more vivid and successful, while the others have failed. To find out more, continue reading.


ClearPoll is a great solution to an ever-increasing problem. Public opinion is being fabricated and manipulated.
Vote tampering, poll bias, fake news – it’s becoming difficult to get an accurate picture of what people really want.
With ClearPoll you can search for topics that you care about, and vote on global, national or local polls. Your vote will be secured on the blockchain. Nobody can ever tamper with a vote, or a poll result.

Sales period. From Sep 9, 2017 to Oct 26, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Raised. 7M own tokens sold, hardcap reached.
Website and whitepapper.


Astronaut gives you exposure to a universe of ICOs without having to do a thing.
Using our proven quantitative, fundamental and algorithmic research approach, the investment token automatically takes exposure in high conviction ICOs every single month.
This gives token holders the ability to own a basket of unique and liquid crypto assets with none of the ground work.

Sales period. From Sep 30, 2017 to Oct 25, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Raised. ~8.2k ETH
Website and whitepapper.


The mission of TOP - creation of decentralized video hosting, which is not liable to strict censorship, is easy to use and fair to authors, advertisers and ordinary users. In the new system video makers will receive at least three times more than now, ordinary users will receive coins for watching videos, and advertisers will not overpay the submission of services.

TOP ICO logo
TOP ICO logo

Sales period. From Sep 23, 2017 to Oct 23, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Raised. 991 ETH
Website and whitepapper.


COBINHOOD is the world's first "ZERO Trading Fees" cryptocurrency exchange with the vision to maximize traders' profits. Traders can now enjoy ZERO trading fees for spot trading and margin trading for up to 10x leverage. COBINHOOD stores the vast majority of the crypto asset deposits in an offline multisig vault, which requires 5 out of 8 geo-distributed hardware security modules to open. Furthermore, crypto assets stored in online wallets will be backed by insurance.

Sales period. From Sep 13, 2017 to Oct 22, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Raised. $13 216 883
Website and whitepapper.


UAHPay was founded by blockchain specialists with strong Cryptography and development skills. Already successful in the online space the founders of UAHPay have now set their ambitions to changing a Nation and restoring trust in the banking system. Using existing blockchain technology and fiat platforms already in place we seek to provide a Cryptobank, ICO trading platform for Ukraine and the World.

Sales period. From Sep 22, 2017 to Oct 22, 2017 (pre-ICO)
Accepted currencies. ETH
Raised. 218.5 ETH
Website and whitepapper.

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Eidoo to Launch ICO Powered by Visa

The Vio token sale will start on February 19, 2018 and will end on March 2, 2018 with 250M VIO tokens which will go on sale at a rate of 10,000 VIO token per 1 ETH
19 February 2018   210

Eidoo is a blockchain-to-human interface striving to simplify the interaction between the blockchain and its users. Eidoo wants its wallet to have a fast, easy to use, disruptive, flexible, feature rich, turn-key Ethereum implementation, based on ERC20 standard and EVM contracts, with an embedded token system to fund the development.

As it was announced in the Medium blog of Amelia Tomasicchio, the community manager at Eidoo, the Vio digital platform and Visa Direct will launch its token sale on February 19, 2018 through the Eidoo ICO Engine.

Eidoo and Vio collaborationEidoo and Vio Collaboration

The Vio token sale will start from 12 PM GMT on February 19, 2018 and will end on March 2, 2018. 250M VIO will go on sale at a rate of 10,000 VIO token per 1 ETH.

The users who want to participate in the Vio token sale, need to download Eidoo’s cryptocurrency wallet on their smartphones.

Vio’s Team believe that Eidoo has proven itself as the go-to platform for token sales, ensuring an unrivaled level of security and ease and use for participants. Vio is looking forward towards the launch of this collaborative partnership.

Team at Vio

Vio is a digital P2P transfer platform powered via Blockchain and Visa Direct. Vio users can send and receive funds domestically and internationally to another user's profile or wallet address.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Eidoo token:

Average price: $2,61
Market cap: $76 264 732
24h volume: $11 515 100