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Check the most interesting upcoming ICOs: Crowd Machine, Blue Whale, ROSCAcoin, Nagricoin, Worldopoly, Ternio, Skillchain, ICO Pass, Pibble
29 March 2018   7083

The ICO market is growing, and there are lots of awesome projects which aim to raise funds to support interesting ideas they are promoting. There are a lot of news regarding ICO and crypto, for instance, last week we have reported that Twitter was planning to ban crypto ads, and this week LinkedIn expressed the same intention. It's high time we had a look at the ICO market! In the list below you will find our reviews of the best projects we found for our readers this week. Hype.Codes team is working hard to deliver the latest ICO news.

Upcoming ICO

Today we have prepared for you the very best and the most interesting ICO, that will start offer coins on the next week.

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1. Crowd Machine

Hype.Codes rate 94

Crowd Machine is an advanced distributed computer. Embedded within the computer is an app development engine that requires no coding, enabling anyone to create decentralized apps and smart contracts without limitation. Decentralized networks are too slow to run complex decentralized apps, and Crowd Machine is fast and runs any decentralized app. Writing decentralized apps and smart contracts is hard and takes a long time, Crowd Machine makes it easy, even if you’re not a developer, and makes it super fast. Deploying decentralized apps is tedious, Crowd Machine makes it a one-click process. Decentralized apps and smart contracts are limited in what they can do, and Crowd Machine removes the limitations. Decentralized apps are locked into a specific blockchain, while Crowd Machine is blockchain agnostic.

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Sales dates. Pre-sale. April 1 - April 20
Sale. April 28 - May 22
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC
Hard cap 2B CMCT
Website and Whitepaper 

2. Blue Whale

Hype.Codes rate 89

The Blue Whale Foundation is building a decentralized ecosystem to allow freelancers and the self-employed to reap rewards and employment benefits from their contributions, and is designed to provide the freelance workers with such security features as a better retirement plan, employment benefits, and paid-time-off. Moreover, it aims to lower the commission rates, and marketing and advertising costs. The Blue Whale Foundation term WORK stands for Worker Optimized Reward Keeper, which is a system comprised of three main components: Contribution Activity Manager, Decentralized Associated Network, and a Reward Bank.

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Sales dates. from April 2
Accepted currencies. ETH, ICX
Soft cap 25M SGD
Hard cap 55M SGD
Website and Whitepaper 

3. ROSCAcoin

Hype.Codes rate 88

ROSCA method is a group of individuals who agree to meet together for save and borrow purpose with a defined period. It is a form of combined peer-to-peer banking (P2P) and peer-to-peer lending (P2P). ROSCAcoin Ecosystem is a complete, transparent, free and effective financial solution. This Ecosystem will contain multiple financials solution provided to the users for investment or lending purposes. The core foundation of ROSCA is based upon the trust which is why most of the ROSCA group is held together by family and friends. 


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Sales dates. from April 1
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC
Hard cap 1.5B RCA
Website and Whitepaper 

4. Nagricoin

Hype.Codes rate 91

The enthusiasts and scientists at NagriTech believe it is possible to increase crop yields and protect plants by using safe and organic materials. The latest biotechnological developments and years of research helped team of Negricoin find a solution to the problem. Nagri-HL is a new generation of smart fertilizers that not just significantly increases yields but also protects plants from a wide range of common hazards.With Nagricoin everyone сап become а tokenholder of а real company in the Ьiotechnology sector. NagriCoin goes оn to ITO in order to cover 9 markets оп different continents, and everyone сап become а part of this global "invasion" of the agricultural market.


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Sales dates. Pre-sale. April 2 - May 24
Sale. May 28 - June 30
Accepted currencies. ETH
Soft cap $500 000
Hard cap $22M
Website and Whitepaper 

5. Worldopoly

Hype.Codes rate 87

Worldopoly contains built-in blockchain/dag technology, which brings to game impression of real economy. It provides an economic incentive as well compelling gameplay through the implementation of its own cryptocurrency WPT. Player receives WOW-effect due to full immersion into app’s virtual world, which is closely connected with real cities, locations and investment opportunities. Combining AR, Blockchain/DAG and Geopositioning Worldopoly provides a unique gameplay experience that enhances mobile gaming from its current limitations. While other games focus on either AR or world building, Blockchain/DAG or gameplay. Worldopoly purposefully integrates all technologies into one. Every implemented feature has its unique purpose.

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Sales dates. Pre-sale. April 2 - April 23
Sale. Apr 26  - May 17
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, USD, EURO
Hard cap 18M USD
Website and Whitepaper 

6. Ternio

Hype.Codes rate 93

Ternio is a multifaceted blockchain network utilizing an internal blockchain called Lexicon based upon Hyperledger Fabric for immediate smart contracts and transactions of advertisements, a communication layer for ultra-fast data transfer, and Ternio blockchain (token) built off the Stellar (XLM). TERNIO is a crypto currency months in the making that will change the way we transact with publishers, work with advertisers, and verify users. Immediately following the token sale, Ternio will become available to select ad networks and publishers.

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Sales dates. April 2 - May 1
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, XLM, USD
Hard cap $25M
Website and Whitepaper 

7. Skillchain

Hype.Codes rate 94

Skillchain is the definitive Protocol where universities, companies and non-academic training companies meet to certify and guarantee your skills in a permanent way. Companies can be sure they're hiring only the best, without spending hundreds of hours and millions of dollars verifying all the candidates and their experience. Every resume in Skillchain is 100% verified. All non-formal education and training certifications will be verified through Skillchain. This will bring a new standard of excellence also in the non-formal education world. Professional skills like problem-solving, public speaking, leadership and teamwork will be evaluated as they deserve.

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Sales dates. Pre-sale. April 6 - April 26
Sale. May 11 - May 26
Accepted currencies. ETH
Hard cap. Pre-sale. 3,000 ETH
Sale. 11,000 ETH
Website and Whitepaper 

8. ICO Pass

Hype.Codes rate 88

In a matter of minutes ICO Pass verifies authenticity of person's ID documents, does a face-matching, checks Sanction lists and the country of origin & residency. All data is encrypted and without the consent from person, it is not possible to have access to it. As KYC process is automated and accurate, it is possible to significantly reduce costs. Moreover, once a person is identified - they can re-use the identity for several ICOs. Blockchain technology gives a higher security at a lower cost. ICO Pass also verifies Ethereum addresses that want to access KYC data.

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Sales dates. April 6 - May 6
Accepted currencies. ETH
Hard cap 20M Tokens
Website and Whitepaper 

9. Pibble

Hype.Codes rate 89

Pibble is a Blockchain based image Cryptocurrency! It is a monetized Image Ecosystem that brings image creators and consumers together, so as to compensate them for the work they create, use and enjoy. It is designed to adequately reward: experts engaged in business with images, indie artists with little opportunity to be valued for their own works, regular individuals who don’t have a clear concept of copyrights and entertainers who have difficulty claiming their own portrait rights online.

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Sales dates. April 1 - April 15
Accepted currencies. ETH
Hard cap 45,000ETH
Website and Whitepaper 

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Eidoo to Release Gold Backed Stablecoin

New stablecoin is called Ekon and it will be possible to it for one gram of gold of 999 test
20 September 2018   252

The Swiss blockchain start-up Eidoo has joined the ranks of projects launching own stablecoins, announcing the creation of a stable coin tied to the price of gold.

Eidoo's stablecoin is called Ekon and is a token compatible with the ERC-20 standard, which will be available in a multi-currency purse and on a hybrid decentralized project exchange. It will be possible to exchange 1 Ekon for one gram of gold of 999 test, which is in a special storehouse. Reserves of gold will be audited every 90 days, moreover, to increase confidence in the token, the company promises to be able to watch gold vault via a video camera.

The profit from the purchase and sale of Ekon within the Eidoo ecosystem will be converted into a native EDO project token.

Despite the uniqueness of the offer of the Swiss start-up, not all experts agree with its usefulness, since the price of precious metal is not so stable. So, for the last six months it has fallen by almost $ 150, however it has grown by $ 25 since the end of August.

In October 2017, Eidoo raised $ 27.9 million in a token, and in April of this year received a license from the Swiss Financial Services Standards Supervision Authority (VQF) under the national financial regulator (FINMA).