Top upcoming ICO 3rd - 9th December

List of the most interesting upcoming ICO: INS Ecosystem, RAISON, xChainge, Galaxy eSolutions, ERISTICA, EBCoin, DreamTeam, Gameflip, Luven Diagnostic, Spectiv, TombCare
28 November 2017   14336

According to experts, for the first three years of the ICO Institute, from 2013 (when Mastercoin first sold its tokens to the ICO) until 2016, about $150 million was raised. In 2016 ICOs collected more than $ 250 million (of which $ 150 million accounted for The DAO), and in the 10 months of 2017 within the ICO, $ 3 billion was raised! 

Upcoming ICO

Today we have prepared for you the very best and the most interesting ICO, that will start offer coins on the next week.

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1. INS Ecosystem

Hype.Codes rate: 98

INS is the first global decentralized ecosystem which is created to directly connect grocery manufacturers and consumers. INS proposes effective measures to build a new fair grocery market and plans to develop and publish well designed website and apps for customers to implement the user side of the on-chain access to INS smart contracts and access to products listed by manufacturers on the platform. INS creates the leading decentralized consumer market used by broad audiences by maintaining a thriving ecosystem of consumers willing to buy everyday products at lower prices and suppliers looking to sell directly and surpass intermediaries. 

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Sales dates. From Dec 4, 2017 to Dec 25, 2017
Accepted currencies. BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, Bank transfer
Hard cap: 60,000 ETH
Soft cap: 20,000 ETH
Website and whitepaper


Hype.Codes rate: 96

RAISON gives the ability to manage capital wiser and invest effectively, gives the benefit of using modern technologies with maximum returns and safety, provides investment opportunities which were available only to professional investors and integrates all financial life in one app. The application developed by RAISON will allow users to navigate all financial flows quicker thanks to a high technology platform that combines all the info about user’s assets and all investment operations are only conducted within regulatory scope. 

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Sales dates. Pre-sale. From Dec 7 (12:00 GMT+4), 2017 to Dec 21, 2017
ICO. From Feb 1, 2018 to Feb 28, 2018
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, USD
Hard cap: 35.000.000 EUR
Website and whitepaper

3. xChainge

Hype.Codes rate: 94

xCHAINge is a decentralized solution for secure and anonymous token storage and exchange that utilizes the best UX/UI practices of modern online banking applications and is the most user-friendly wallet for storage of most cryptocurrencies and tokens. xCHAINge does not charge users for operations. You only pay the standard Ethereum transaction fee and fees charged by Mediators and Matchers, who set the prices themselves which ensures a fair competition and eventually the lowest prices.

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Sales dates. From Dec 5, 2017 to Dec 30, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Soft cap. 10,000 ETH
Hard cap. 20,000,000 XCH
Website and whitepaper

4. Galaxy eSolutions

Hype.Codes rate: 93

Galaxy eSolutions Limited (‘GES’) is a Global Cross-border Ecommerce business that is set to become the Market Leader in Pre-owned and Refurbished Consumer Electronics Sector. It is HQ’ed in Hong Kong and set its vision on Global Markets. GES tokens are a form of utility tokens made for the GES Initial Coin Offering (ICO), also called Crowdsale, and in order to purchase them Ethers are needed. Ethers are the cryptocurrency from the Ethereum network. The tokens can then be used in exchange for Ethers or to buy products from our current e-commerce site NDBD and our new GES site in the future.

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Sales dates. From Dec 8, 2017 to Jan 16, 2018
Accepted currencies. ETH
Hard cap. 25000 ETH
Website and whitepaper


Hype.Codes rate: 92

ERISTICA is a global decentralized platform of personal and mass challenges on smart contracts. Using a blockchain technology the project allows users to undertake the unlimited amount of challenges and transparently take part in them. ERT tokens - is in-game currency which users get for winning contests or for successful predictions. Through the tokens, users can participate in challenges with celebrities or use them to buy access to ecosystem services.

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Sales dates. From Dec 7, 2017 to Feb 7, 2018
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
Hard cap. $10M
Website and whitepaper

6. EBCoin

Hype.Codes rate: 91

The EBCOIN Project improves the inconvenient tax refund process for travelers around the world, and it will be a great gift for travelers because there is refunding fee of up to 30%.Tax refund means when a tourist buys a VAT inclusive product during their travel period, and returns to his or her home without using it, they can get a certain amount of VAT from their purchased products. EBCoin is an ERC20 token that is standardized on Ethereum blockchain and is compatible with any applications that uses the same standard.

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Sales dates. Pre-sale. From Dec 7, 2017 to Jan 7, 2018
ICO. From Jan 9, 2017 to Jan 30, 2018
Accepted currencies. ETH
Pre-sale soft cap. 3,000 ETH
Pre-sale hard cap. 43,478.2 ETH
ICO soft cap. 8,000 ETH
Hard cap. 125,000 ETH
Website and whitepaper

7. DreamTeam

Hype.Codes rate: 90

DreamTeam is the first Esports and gaming recruitment and management platform that uses blockchain and smart contracts to unlock a multi-billion dollar economy based on dreamteam token. With the unlocking of blockchain & smart contract technologies we have a unique opportunity to provide an all-in-one solution and build a multi-billion dollar economy on one platform. DreamTeam platform uses blockchain & smart contracts to ensure the security of financial transactions and regulate this nextgeneration financial ecosystem. This full set of recruitment tools will help you find players / managers / coaches or anyone else you might need for your team. Moreover, every player can find a personal psychologist or coach to boost his own skills. In the future, a special module for agents and agencies will be integrated to take recruitment opportunities to a whole new level. DreamTeam will provide space for ranked/unranked practice games and a whole tournament system.

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Sales dates. Pre-sale. From Dec 7, 2017 to Dec 10, 2017
ICO. From Dec 11, 2017 to Dec 14, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC
Min. cap. $2M
Hard cap. $45M
Website and whitepaper

8. Gameflip

Hype.Codes rate: 88

Gameflip is dedicated to creating a transparent, safe, and frictionless infrastructure for buying and selling of digital goods among gamers. Established in 2014 in Silicon Valley, California, USA, Gameflip has built a robust marketplace for gamers to buy and sell digital goods. With FLIP and blockchain technology, Gameflip is taking the next major step to realize ubiquitous liquidity for digital goods. The FLIP token will leverage the Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 token interface. This infrastructure and the FLIP smart contracts will eliminate questions of trust and protect the transacting gamers from fraud.

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Sales dates. From Dec 4, 2017 to Dec 29, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Hard cap. 15 000 ETH
Website and whitepaper

9. Luven Diagnostic

Hype.Codes rate: 87

The Luven technology is the 1st NON-INVASIVE screening test that can detect cancer on early stages within 15 minutes with accuracy up to 96%. The key to successful cancer treatment is early diagnosis. If detected at the early stage, when there are no visible symptoms, cancer can be cured without any complex aggressive therapies. This is patented technology and the development of this method started in early 1983 at the research institute, chair for genetics. Based on the cellular theory by Rudolf Vichow, a team of scientists was working on a diagnostic method and studying buccal cells.

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Sales dates. Pre-ICO. From Dec 7, 2017 to Dec 29, 2017
ICO. From Jan 15, 2018 to Feb 28, 2018
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC
Hard cap. Pre-ICO. 3,000,000 tokens
ICO. 27, 000,000 tokens
Website and whitepaper

10. Spectiv

Hype.Codes rate: 86

The Signal Token (SIG) Protocol is designed to decentralize the buying, selling, and rewarding of attention across media platforms by removing centralized intermediaries from advertising transactions. Using the Signal Token Protocol, an advertiser can use SIGs via a smart contract associated with target content. This content is now active, or “hot,” which means publishers, viewers, and curators can engage with that advertiser through the smart contract and be rewarded with SIGs for driving attention to that content. Spectiv will act as the first adopter for this protocol, generating real-world application data to support future adoption by other media platforms.

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Sales dates. Early Access. 60% Dec 5, 2017
Pre-ICO. 40% Dec 8, 2017
Pre-ICO. 25% Dec 9 - Dec 15, 2017
Pre-ICO. 5% Dec 16 - Dec 22, 2017
ICO. 0% Dec 23 - Dec 28, 2017
Accepted currencies. ETH
Hard cap. $40M
Website and whitepaper

11. TombCare

Hype.Codes rate: 85

Today different applications have appeared for many spheres of life and it simplify the life for customers and performers: taxi, food ordering, hotels booking, housing rent, etc. But the sphere of ceremonial services is still left in the basket. To solve this problem, the TombCare application was created - it allows us to solve the following tasks using the smart contract technology for the block system: find the burial place, choose the service, choose the performer by quality and price rate, get a detailed photo report of the performance, solve the problem of payment.

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Sales dates. From Dec 3, 2017 to Feb 3, 2018
Accepted currencies. ETH
Soft cap. $500,000
Hard cap. $1,000,000
Website and whitepaper

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Pure Bit to Refund Investors' Money

Another cryptocurrency scam storu may have happy ending
15 November 2018   93

The founders of the South Korean exchange Pure Bit, who were suspected of stealing investors' money, announced the return of funds.

According to the local edition of BlockchainROK, representatives of the exchange have already partially returned the money to some users and pledged to return all other funds.

On November 4, the exchange team launched the ICO with the goal of collecting about $ 30 million to create a crypto exchange. However, on November 9, Pure Bit closed the site, said goodbye to its investors and removed everyone from the group in the KakaoTalk messenger. Also, the founders of the exchange withdrew funds from the account that was used for ICO.

According to CCN, one of the issues traced the Ethereum address of the exchange and asked Upbit to block the account and freeze the funds. Upbit fulfilled this request.

This is Pure Bit. First off, I would like to apologize to everyone that was affected by the ICO. Since November 5, I raked in 16,000 ETH and did not open a crypto exchange as promised. I kicked out everyone in our social media chat groups and disappeared without any message. I negatively affected investors in the project psychologically and financially. I made an unforgivable mistake that cannot be turned around, blinded by money. It has been less than a day and I have already started to suffer from guilt. Although it cannot be compared with the hardship faced by the investors, I also felt significant guilt. I sincerely apologize to all of the investors in the ICO who were affected by the operation.

CEO of Pure Bit

The founder of Pure Bit also notified that he would return ETH 16,000 to depositors without taking into account the payment of services to a third-party company that organized ICO.