Top upcoming ICO July 23rd - 29th

List of the most interesting ICOs which will start from 23rd to 29th of July
20 July 2017   6511

Initial coin offering (ICO) is a means of crowdfunding the release of a new cryptocurrency

Analysts from Smith + Crown claims that in 2017 ICO market almost doubled compared to 2016. At the same time, the amount of funds attracted is growing: along with hundreds of projects that attract from several hundred thousand to several million dollars, companies that have attracted hundreds of millions of dollars are entering the market. For example, Status Research & Development GmbH, Switzerland, placed Status Network Token (SNT) tokens for $ 95 million, even more successful were the posting of EOS and Bancor tokens.

Upcoming ICO

Let’s take a good look on the most interesting projects, that will start crowdsale on the next week. Blockchain based telephony, search engine, spamming system and even real estate project of a cottage settlement in Siberian! 

Invest Feed

InvestFeed is the first incentivized next-generation social investment network for cryptocurrencies. Since the company’s inception in 2014, investFeed attracted a community of 15,000+ users, with over 200,000 live feeds, sharing market trading insights. Across Q3 2017, investFeed is pivoting from US equities to cryptocurrencies due to both user demand and the extraordinary growth of blockchain based assets. investFeed’s new platform allows the cryptocurrency community to establish professional relationships, promote user content and share rewards-based trading ideas. investFeed is conducting a crowd sale from July 23, 2017 to raise capital for the development of the cryptocurrency-specific platform, and to issue FEED tokens to participants.

Invest Feed
Invest Feed

Sales period. July 23rd, 2017 to August 7th, 2017. 

Accepted currencies. ETH.

Max investment cap.  28 000 ETH

Website and whitepaper.



Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks.

Ziber is a decentralized system of masternodes around the world installed on different servers or VPS. The Ziber mobile application redirects VOIP calls from mobile phones, Internet applications and other devices to the main blockchain system. All network members earn using their devices as a proxy server for routing Ziber traffic. People, who are not connected to Ziber, will pay for international long distance calls. Ziber's mission is to completely change the voice communication market between different countries and roaming. They want to relieve people from paying large sums of money to mobile providers around the world. Moreover, they want anyone to give an opportunity from using their mobile phones to earn money.

Sales period. July 23rd, 2017 to August 1st, 2017. 

Accepted currencies. ETH.

Min investment cap. 1 000 000 British pounds

Max investment cap. 10 000 000 British pounds (if this goal is reached, ICO will end in 24 hours).

Website and whitepaper.


BitClave’s decentralized solution enables companies big and small to participate in a common ecosystem. The innovative search technology enables sellers to pay directly for outcomes, optimizing marketing spend for results; users and other data providers are paid on the data’s value, measured by conversions (not clicks); and consumers gain access to monetary incentives and lower-cost goods while gaining control over their personal information.

BitClave’s ecosystem uses the blockchain to encode the value of data in the data itself, enabling transactions that are both anonymous for consumers (until such time as they chose otherwise, e.g., complete a purchase transaction), while providing attestation required to charge sellers for outcomes and pay users for their data.  Consumer privacy is built into the very fabric of the BitClave decentralized search ecosystem by design.

Sales period. July 25th, 2017 to August 1th, 2017. 

Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC

Max investment cap.  "soft cap" $1 500 000

Website and whitepaper.



Is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen.

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform.

In a world where one company controls 77% of all searches, influencing trillions of dollars in spending, shaping perceptions and effectively acting as the primary gatekeeper to the Internet, a new, open and community-driven search engine is a necessity.

Presearch has an innovative go-to-market strategy to target the most frequent searchers - web workers - and gain early adoption, on our way to releasing future versions of the open source platform that will utilize a blockchain-based index, curated by the community.

Sales period. July 25th, 2017 to August 25th, 2017. 

Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC

Max investment cap. "soft cap" is $1 500 000

Website and whitepaper.

BitBounce (CREDO)

Email is broken. Spam costs the global economy $20 billion per year and still accounts for 70% of all email. Existing regulatory and technological solutions have failed to eliminate the significant monetary cost and negative externalities of unsolicited email and spam. The solution is to establish a new market for email access in which email senders contacting unknown recipients pay a fee for the email to either go through or be responded to. The fee prices in and compensates recipients for the attention or action they provide the email, and improves senders’ likelihood of attaining the attention or response of recipients. The solution is implemented in two components: BitBounce and credo. BitBounce implements filtering of emails from unknown contacts and the payment mechanism for email receipt or response. The credo token is the primary unit of exchange that recipients are compensated with, though Bitcoin and Tezzies will also be supported for convenience. Credo serves the additional purpose of incentivizing adoption and continued use of the BitBounce solution via distributions based on proof of usage.

BitBounce (CREDO)

Sales period. July 26th, 2017 to August 8th, 2017. 


Open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality, which facilitates online contractual agreements.

Accepted currencies. ETH

Website and whitepaper.


A project in the field of real estate for the construction of a cottage settlement with a quality infrastructure secured by a land asset that guarantees high profitability and security for project investors.
Real estate has been the most popular way of investment for hundreds of years. Leading specialists can make a profit of hundreds of per cent on projects, in contrast to ordinary non-specialized investors whose income can be comparable to the deposit rate in the bank.
Today Sosnovkino is the only project in the field of real estate that attracts funds with the aid of ICO. Its advantages are that it is a project secured by the land asset which guarantees high profitability of the project.
The Sosnovkino foundation already owns the land area of 194 hectares with an estimated value of $3,000,000. According to Zurich Ltd. appraisal, the increase in the cost of the asset at the time of engineering systems construction will be 600%.
The amount of required investments to complete the construction of the necessary infrastructure is $2,700,000.
For 10 years team has been successfully creating new sites for construction. The Sosnovkino foundation's team of engineers took part in infrastructure engineering of many settlements in several countries: more than 20 new settlements in Russia, 4 investment projects in the Czech Republic and development projects in Thailand.

Sales period. July 26th, 2017 to August 26th, 2017. 

Accepted currencies. ETH

Max investment cap. $ 2 700 000 

Website and whitepaper.


Tierion works by creating a proof that links data to a transaction on a blockchain. This is called anchoring. Anyone with this proof can verify the data’s integrity and timestamp without relying on a trusted authority. Since launching in 2015, over a thousand companies have used Tierion, including large enterprises like Microsoft, Philips, as well as innovative startups such as Accredible and Tokken

Tierion logo

Sales period. July 27th, 2017 to August 10th, 2017. 

Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC

Max investment cap. $ 25 000 000 

Website and whitepaper.


EVEREX is a young technology startup in the blockchain space with both a team and a business-model uniquely qualified to answer some of the challenges of international microfinancing. To achieve financial inclusion of the unbanked, or underbanked adults, Everex proposes the novel concept of Cryptocash. Cryptocash is a cryptocurrency, where each unit has its value pegged to, and a name based on, the fiat currency it represents, e.g., US-Dollar (USDEX). Cryptocash balances are provably underwritten by balances held in accounts of financial entities, or other trusted third-party cash custodians. Users convert their paper-, or digital fiat-currencies to Cryptocash at their local bank branch, or at currency exchanges and transfer them via a blockchain peer-to-peer (P2P), using wallets kept on mobile phones, or online browsers.

Sales period. July 24th, 2017 to September 9th, 2017. 

Accepted currencies. ETH

Website and whitepaper.


Rivetz is building a Global Attestation and Identity Network, powered by the Rivetz Token (RvT), in order to improve the security of the devices on which we rely. Cybersecurity Ventures anticipates that cybersecurity damages will total more than $6 trillion globally, up from $3 trillion in 2015. The rising cost of cybersecurity reflects a failure of the security field to offer a solution that is both simple enough to warrant adoption by industry and government, and secure enough to protect our most valuable secrets and data. Merely increasing spending without changing the way we think about modern security is insufficient. The existing tools: firewalls, virtual private networks and passwords all assume that the edge of the network is the network perimeter. This makes it too easy for non-authenticated users to probe and hack systems.

Sales period. July 25th, 2017 to August 24th, 2017. 

Accepted currencies. ETH

Max investment cap. 70 000 000 RVT (own tokens) for sale

Website and whitepaper.

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Tezos Bug to Slow Down the Network in 20 Times

The issue looks fixed now and Tezos network works in the standard transmission mode
25 September 2018   197

In the main network of the Tezos block project, a bug was discovered one week after its official launch. According to, on August 24, due to the vulnerability, the release time of the blocks increased from 1 to 20 minutes.

The user of the service for hosting IT projects GitLab under the nickname "Jérémie" reported on block freezing for 45 minutes. Later in Riot chat he learned that developers are aware of the problem and they are working on its solution.

Bug between the baker and the node. The two communicate over json but the json serializer incorrectly handled some control characters. Immediate fix was to patch the serializer. Medium term fix is that the baker and node really should communicate using the binary RPCs instead.

murbard at Reddit

Soon after the discovery of the bug, one of the developers posted an urgent fix at GitHub, which was proposed to be installed by all the bakers. Currently the Tezos network operates in normal mode, and the units are released every minute.

As of September 25, 08:00 UTC network of Tezos worked in the standard transmission mode - 1 block per 1 minute