Trezor Model T pre-order started

Customers faced issues while trying to pre-order the new version of popular hardware wallet
01 November 2017   1302

New version of Trezor hardware cryptocurrency wallet is available at pre-order now.

But not everything went good enough. Some users faced issues with their bank cards.

But luckily, according to official Twitter, issues were solved swiftly.

What is Trezor model T?

Model T is the newest version of popular hardware cryptocurrency wallet. According to the developers, these are main features:

  • Advanced coin support.
    • Keep your coins safe. Supports 8 currencies with more to come.
  • Improved security.
    • All confidential data, including the PIN, are entered exclusively through the screen. USB communications are enabled only after authentication.
  • Intuitive touchscreen.
    • Convenient and comfortable. Manage coins with ease of your touch.


Trezor to Report on Fake Hardware Wallets

Trezor also told how to spot the difference between fake and genuine devices
20 November 2018   209

The manufacturer of Trezor hardware wallets announced the appearance of fake devices Trezor One, created and distributed by unknown people. Note that fake wallets are usually sold at a discount, which should already alarm buyers.

Team stressed that it is necessary to pay attention to the protective hologram on the package.

Fake (left) and genuine (right) Trezor devices
Fake (left) and genuine (right) Trezor devices

Wallets developers asked all users who bought fakes to contact support and in no case use a device.

At the same time, Trezor provided a list of trusted resources for buying devices, including a store on the official website, a store on Amazon and a network of trusted distributors.