Trezor released official statement on SegWit2x

The developers of popular hardware wallet does not guarantee the successful coins splitting; continue reading to learn more
07 November 2017   389

The team of the hardware wallet Trezor issued a statement in which it expressed its position regarding the expected in the middle of November SegWit2x hardfork and gave the necessary recommendations to users who are worried about the safety of their funds.

Despite the fact that Trezor does not go into details of which chain it will give preference in the case of the division of bitcoin, the statement says that after the split on block 494784 there will be two blockchains: Bitcoin (BTC) and SegWit2X (B2X).

The developers confirm that if, at this point, the user had bitcoins in Trezor's wallet, he will have the same number of BTC and B2X coins.

With TREZOR, you own your private keys (in the form of the seed), therefore you have control over all of your coins, including forked coins.

Trezor's statement

Further it is noted that the Trezor wallet will support both new and legacy addresses for BTC and B2X. However, since B2X developers do not plan to implement protection against replaying transactions, users need to take certain actions to safely use coins of both chains.

  • If user is only interested in BTC, and he does not need B2X, he does not need to do anything.
  • If user is only interested in B2X, and he do not need BTC, he do not need to do anything. 
  • However, if the user is interested in both coins, he will have to go through the manual process of dividing the coins, and because of the lack of protection against replaying the transactions, no guarantees of a successful completion of the process are provided by Trezor developers.

Additional details on how to conduct a manual division of coins, Trezor promises to publish soon.

For those who wonder why the situation is not the same as last year with Bitcoin Cash fork, the developers remind that there the protection against replay was realized, and therefore the whole process was much easier.

Regarding the device interface, B2X will be present as a separate wallet, but in order for coins to appear there, it will be necessary to separate. It is important to remember that B2X will use the same address format as bitcoin, but they will be generated via another derivation path (m / 44 '/ 157' /). Therefore, before making transactions, users will need to make sure that they send the correct coins to the correct chain.

Trezor's Bridge New Version Released

Updates are being introduced as part of the gradual transition of the service from Google Chrome extensions to full-fledged software
20 February 2018   44

Developers of the Trezor hardware wallet presented a new version of the Bridge software that provides a connection between the Internet browser and the wallet itself. According to them, Bridge application was rewritten from scratch on the basis of modernized program code, which will make the connection "faster, safer and more reliable".

Updates are being introduced as part of the gradual transition of the service from Google Chrome extensions to full-fledged software. Existing users can still use the browser extension or the previous version of Bridge. At this stage, the transition to new software will be carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis.

New users will be offered two options - to install a new version of Bridge or the extension of Google Chrome, but in Trezor recommend the first option. As soon as the transition becomes mandatory, all users will be notified.

In the coming weeks, the next stage of the process will begin: in the new version of the Trezor Wallet software, the option of expanding Google Chrome will be absent. Only those who installed it earlier can use it, however Trezor will continue to remind such users about the possibility of installing the Bridge software.