Tron and Alibaba Partnership confirmed by New Sources

New confirmations appear about the possible collaboration between Tron and Alibaba
25 May 2018   1837

The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, and the founder of Tron Justin Sun, are prominent for each other for some time and patently signed an agreement not yet became public. Some hearings say that in fact, an official announcement would be passing   from Alibaba that would concern a partnership with Tron.

As soon as Tron’s Mainnet is online I expect Justin [Sun] to take another step forward and make the partnership already agreed with Alibaba public. And let me clarify: the agreement has already been made, but Alibaba has waited for the launch of the Mainnet in order to solve the problems they have in accepting cryptocurrencies. Another aspect of this announcement is that we think that Jack [Ma] is about to make sure that TRX is added to some high profile exchanges after the announcement has been made public.
Anonimous Sourse

As claimed in the ICO Journal statements, this source would be internal to the same Tron team. Although there is no guarantee that they are veracious but, as known, financial markets often like the same indiscretions. 

If the partnership were to turn reality, then the largest online market space in the world would be about to accept cryptocurrency payments. In fact, Alibaba Group also holds the Taobao, Tmall and Aliexpress marketplaces, as well as the Alipay payment platform.

Price of TRON at the moment of press: $0,071699
Market cap: $4 714 073 857
Volume (24h): $450 489 000

ABCC Exchange to be 1st to List TRC-10 Tokens

TRC-10 is a token standard supported by the original TRX cryptocurrency blockchain
16 January 2019   769

ABCC cryptocurrency exchange has entered into a partnership with the Tron project and will be the first platform to list for TRC-10 tokens.

This is stated in the ABCC tweet, the news was also confirmed by the founder and CEO of Tron Justin San.

As stated in the developer guide, TRC-10 is a token standard supported by the native Tron cryptocurrency blockchain (TRX) without deploying the Tron virtual machine (TVM).

At the same time, the TRC-20 standard token is used for smart contracts with TVM support and is fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard tokens on the Ethereum platform.

Earlier it was reported that the standard token TRC-10 will form the basis of BitTorrent Token (BTT). The project also plans a tokesale on the Launchpad platform from the Binance exchange.

Last week, the TRX cryptocurrency came in 9th place in terms of capitalization, bypassing the Bitcoin SV.

As of Wednesday morning, January 16, the TRX price, dropping 3.97% over the day, was $ 0.024. Cryptocurrency capitalization was $ 1.622 billion.