TRON and Baofeng  to develop online entertainment

TRON has announced partnership with "Chinese Netflix" company Baofeng to integrate blockchain with online entertainment industry
10 January 2018   804

Baofeng, a China-based company engaged in the development and sales of network hardware and software, is providing Internet users with audio and video playing solutions, and it has more than 200 million users as a veritable video portal giant.

On January 10, TRON has made an announcement about signing Blockchain Consensus Network with Baofeng company, in order to launch of full nodes in the blockchain network, to integrate blockchain with online entertainment industry, to build open source community of blockchain and then, to open a "new era of blockchain-based online entertainment".

At the moment of press, these are the main market parameters of TRON:

  • Average Price: $0,113760
  • Market Cap: $7 479 514 376
  • 24h Volume: $1 535 940 000

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Microsoft to Ban Crypto Ads in Bing Search Engine

Advertisements related to virtual currencies or promotion of fake/forged virtual currencies are now prohibited
17 May 2018   135

Bing is a very famous web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. A couple of days ago Bing reported in its Blog that online fraud involving financial services became a serious problem recently. Bing published a list of policies to help ad providers meet approval and protect consumers and businesses from being victimized. The polices apply to all forms of currency including real and virtual currency.

Advertising for the following products and services is not permitted: Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, or other legally questionable business opportunities, particularly if returns on investment rely solely on adding participants to the scheme or the consumer must pay a subscription fee or buy a specific product to join, and the value proposition of doing so is undefined.

Bing Blog post

Bing now bans ads related to solicitation of funds except by recognized charities or organizations. Advertisements related to virtual currencies designed to facilitate illegal purposes, to avoid applicable taxes, money laundering, promotion of fake/forged virtual currencies are also prohibited. The full ban of such ads is expected in late June or early July.

Previously, we have reported that Facebook created a new policy that prohibits all advertisements for cryptocurrency and ICOs as part of an effort to improve the integrity and security of ads.