TRON Margin Trading to be Launched at OKEx

TRX price had a good reaction to these news, but now there's a correction
11 January 2019   397

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange has added TRX / USDT and TRX / BTC currency pairs to the margin trading section.

With the help of borrowed funds, users of the site will be able to increase positions in the specified pairs three times.

TRX has also been added to the OKEx OK PiggyBank Cumulative Exchange Service.

TRX price had a good reaction to these news, but now there's a correction. 

Tron Price Chart
Tron Price Chart

Earlier, the founder of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun announced his desire to save the DApps developers Ethereum and EOS from the collapse of their platforms, proposing to transfer their decentralized applications to the TRON ecosystem.

TRON to be Ready For SUN Network Update

This is stated by the project's founder Justin Sun
08 April 2019   156

Founder of the Tron Justin Sun announced the upcoming activation of the next protocol update.

According to him, the update called SUN Network is near. Among the improvements compared with the previous version, he calls sidechain decentralized applications, crosschain infrastructure and some other extensions.

According to the information on the attached image, sidechains for DApp will significantly increase the throughput of decentralized Tron application.

The launch of the SUN Network test network is scheduled for May 30. As reported, this phase focuses on supporting smart contract sidechains, which will realize the unlimited expandability of the core network while maintaining asset security.

The official launch of the update will take place on August 10. Further improvement of the characteristics of decentralization and asset security, community support for the environmental formation of sidechains and full activation of the ecosystem laid down during the first stage, company says.

The final step is “optimization”, which starts on September 15 and brings with it new toolkits, aimed at simplifying interaction with previously integrated modules.