Twitter Can Ban Crypto Ads in 2 Weeks

Media with unnamed source reports that Twitter can choose the pass of Google and Facebook
19 March 2018   1437

Due to the increased attention of regulators to the crypto-currency industry and numerous investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) regarding ICO projects, social network Twitter will prohibit advertising of crypto currencies, token-accounts and crypto-currency wallets within two weeks, Sky News reports.

As the newspaper notes, Twitter can also ban advertising of almost all crypto exchanges.

It is worth noting that Sky News does not disclose the sources of information, so its reliability is in question.

Similar solutions were accepted by Facebook and Google. Both Facebook and Google also banned ads for binary options trading.

Bitfinex to List BTT

As became known, asset trading is available in pairs with Bitcoin and US dollars
19 February 2019   73

Following the South Korean Bithumb BitTorrent token (BTT) appeared in the Bitfinex cryptocurrency listing.

Asset trading is available in pairs with Bitcoin and US dollars.

Also the other day Bitfinex technical director Paolo Ardoino said that recently work on the decentralized trading platform EOSfinex has been actively promoted.

According to him, the public beta of the platform operating in the test network will be presented within the next 2-3 weeks.