Two BIPs For Upcoming Taproot Softfork to be Published

As reported, new BIPs describe the version of SegWit based on the signatures of Schnorr, Taproot, Merkle branches and the semantics of the script system
07 May 2019   594

Peter Wuille, a well-known Bitcoin developer and Blockstream employee, has published two proposals to improve the first cryptocurrency protocol (BIP), which involves the implementation of softfork to implement Taproot technology.

In recent years, the developers have published several separate proposals, including on the introduction of merklized abstract syntax trees (MAST), the signatures of Shnorr and Taproot itself. Probably, these updates can be combined in a single softfork, since the successive implementation, according to Vella, will be at the expense of efficiency.

The new BIPs describe the version of SegWit based on the signatures of Schnorr, Taproot, and Merkle branches, as well as the semantics of the script system. These proposals focus exclusively on the technologies mentioned and do not include other functionality that can be implemented independently.

The update code is available for review and edits in the repository on GitHub, and according to it, is written in Python.

Jpype 0.7 to be Available

Unlike Jython, integration with Java is achieved thru interaction at the both virtual machines level using shared memory
27 June 2019   484

After more than four years since the formation of the last significant branch, the release of the JPype 0.7 is available, allowing you to organize full access of Python-applications to the class libraries in Java. Using JPype you can use Java-specific libraries from Python by creating hybrid applications that combine Java and Python code. The project code is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Unlike Jython, integration with Java is not achieved through the creation of a Python version for the JVM, but through interaction at the level of both virtual machines using shared memory. The proposed approach allows not only to achieve good performance, but also provides access to all CPython and Java libraries. The new release completely rewritten the code of the main module, added support for unattached streams, improved security, provided translation of Java exceptions to Python exceptions, changed behavior when converting strings.