Two Hacker Gangs to Steal $1B Worth Crypto

Researchers reports: 2 groups stands behind 60% all crypto related hacker attacks
29 January 2019   567

According to the report of the analytical company Chainalysis, two hacker groups stole cryptocurrency worth $ 1 billion.

The new report states that only these two groups, called by the analysts Alpha and Beta, account for about 60% of the total number of hacker attacks made during the entire existence of the cryptoindustry. As a result of malicious actions, these groups managed to get about $ 1 billion.

According to the senior economist of Chainalysis, Philip Gradwell, both organizations are likely to continue their activity. On the other hand, noted in the company, in this study may be inaccuracies. Moreover, the groups themselves have not yet been identified.

The report also notes that Alpha is supposedly a huge, tightly controlled organization that is at least partially guided by intangible motivation. “Beta” is much smaller than “Alpha”, it is not so rigidly organized and in its activity is guided mainly by monetary motives.

The stolen funds were moved about 5,000 times before they were withdrawn thru exchanges.

In addition, it is known that both groups act somewhat differently. “Alpha”, presumably, immediately conducts transactions with the extracted assets. “Beta” is not in a hurry, postponing the movement of cryptocurrency for about 18 months, until the dust settles and the public is less likely to recall the attack.

For about one month, Alpha will convert about 75% of the resulting cryptocurrency to fiat. "Beta" withdraw approximately 50% within a few days after the "waiting period" it has established.

According to Gradwell, sometimes funds even go to regulated exchanges, because AML systems are not able to detect suspicious transactions after multiple transfers of funds between addresses.

Hacked Zaif Exchange to Resume Operations

It was hacked in September last year,  about $60 million in cryptocurrency was stolen from its platform
22 April 2019   83

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif announced that it will complete the transition from the Tech Bureau to the Fisco Digital Asset Group (FDAG) on April 22 and resume normal operation the next day, Cointelegraph reportes.

In September last year, the exchange underwent a hacker attack when about $ 60 million in cryptocurrency was stolen from its platform, including Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash and Monacoin. As part of the compensation plan to users, FDAG exchange acquired a large stake in Zaif business and transferred to the Tech Bureau over $ 44.6 million.

According to an earlier announcement of the exchange, 40% of the lost funds will be compensated to users by Fiat, and the remaining 60% - to the cryptocurrency, which will be available for withdrawal on April 23.