Ubuntu 18.04 LTS «Bionic Beaver» release plan unveiled

The release of final version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS «Bionic Beaver» is planned on the 26.04.2018
31 October 2017   1286

The next release of the Ubuntu with long-term support (LTS) will be version 18.04. A plan is published with the dates of the main stages of the release.

Recently, the code name for the next release of Ubuntu was announced - "Bionic Beaver". In Ubuntu 18.04, the GNOME 3.28 working environment is expected (this will be the first UTS LTS release without Unity by default for a long time) and the Linux kernel 4.15.

As follows from the version - 18.04, - the final release is planned for April next year, and the plan for its preparation is as follows:

  • January 4 - Alpha 1 (for selected editions);
  • February 1 - Alpha 2 (for selected editions);
  • March 1 - "freeze" of opportunities (Feature Freeze, Debian Import Freeze);
  • March 8 - Beta 1 (for selected editions);
  • April 5 - the final beta;
  • April 19 - Release Candidate;
  • April 26 - the final release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

The development of Ubuntu 18.04 formally started on Friday, October 27.

Unity 2018.3 to be Now Available

Unity 2018.3 by default uses the .NET 4.x Scripting Runtime
14 December 2018   68

Game engine Unity 2018.3 is represented, in which users are waiting for:

  • new opportunities in working with prefabs - a special type of assets, in which several objects are stored;
  • Improved SRP (Scriptable Render Pipeline) rendering pipeline;
  • Unity landscape system update;
  • New Script Runtime .NET 4.x;
  • preview version of visual effect graph.

Prefab Variants - allows you to create a variation of the prefab, adopting objects and properties of the parent resource, but not affecting it. Changes in the child prefab will not affect the original, but editing the source will affect the child.

Prefab Nesting - allows you to organize prefabs by investing smaller ones into larger ones. For example, prefabs of rooms can be enclosed in a prefab of a building, and prefabs of furniture and decorative elements can be enclosed in prefabs of rooms.

Prefab Mode - a function for editing a prefab in an isolated space.

Unity 2018.3 by default uses the .NET 4.x Scripting Runtime. Version 3.5 will be removed from one of the releases in 2019.

Projects for .NET 4.x can now use the Roslyn open source compiler.

Visual Effect Graph will build work with simple and complex node-based effects. The VEG architecture allows you to generate millions of particles on a GPU without loss of performance.

In Unity 2018.3, the Visual Effect Graph tool is available only in the preview version.