Ubuntu 18.04 LTS «Bionic Beaver» release plan unveiled

The release of final version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS «Bionic Beaver» is planned on the 26.04.2018
31 October 2017   431

The next release of the Ubuntu with long-term support (LTS) will be version 18.04. A plan is published with the dates of the main stages of the release.

Recently, the code name for the next release of Ubuntu was announced - "Bionic Beaver". In Ubuntu 18.04, the GNOME 3.28 working environment is expected (this will be the first UTS LTS release without Unity by default for a long time) and the Linux kernel 4.15.

As follows from the version - 18.04, - the final release is planned for April next year, and the plan for its preparation is as follows:

  • January 4 - Alpha 1 (for selected editions);
  • February 1 - Alpha 2 (for selected editions);
  • March 1 - "freeze" of opportunities (Feature Freeze, Debian Import Freeze);
  • March 8 - Beta 1 (for selected editions);
  • April 5 - the final beta;
  • April 19 - Release Candidate;
  • April 26 - the final release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

The development of Ubuntu 18.04 formally started on Friday, October 27.

New Drivechain proposals submitted for Bitcoin

Drivechain protocol presented for Bitcoin main network to enable alternative functions
04 December 2017   149

The so-called Drivechain protocol is an extension to main Bitcion network. It can be forked into the base Bitcoin operations, adding new features, e.g. sidechains to enable faster transactions, smart contracts, faster block processing. And while new features are added, it's not an altcoin, but a tethered add-on to main protocol, working side-by-side with mainstream blockchain.

Drivechain had a very shaky foundation because all of the previous variants were considered a pipe dream, but right now everyone can get a look at the existing code, courtesy of Paul Sztorc. He has a reputation as a developer of Bloq, enterprise-grade blockchain technology, and Hivemind chief scientist.

Now Sztorc proposed a set code for implementation of sidechains augmenting existing blockchain network and currently asks for code review from his peers. One of the current Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIP) focuses on the hashrate escrow concept, which essentially is a variation of multisignature escrow, signed by the third-party miners not by a private key but by dedicating their hashpower to the transaction. Second BIP revolves around Blind Merged Mining. According to Github proposal, it allows for 'extension blocks' to be used in two or more sidechains for mining without any need for validation, it produces strong guarantees that the block is valid according to any set rules because of the multichaining.

As of now, two new BIP are awaiting formal numbers from developer community. Many people believe that the sidechain technology can be beneficial and will remove the need for many altcoins employed today by providing the same features in mainstream Bitcoin network.