UPbit lists Vertcoin

Korean exchange UPbit launched Vertcoin cryptocurrency trading pair on its platform
26 November 2017   265

Korean based exchange UPbit, which is designed for the expansion of currencies made an announcement of November 26 stating that the exchange listed Vertcoin, an open and decentralized currency built on blockchain technology, which is focusing on a fast decentralized mining network.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Vertcoin:

  • Average price: $5.44
  • Marketcap: $226,207,449
  • 24h volume: $51,712,200

UpBit to Compensate Possible USDT Losses in USD

South Korean cryptoexchange made an unexpected statement
07 February 2018   1241

South Korean crypto-exchange Upbit promised users to compensate to the full extent their possible losses in the event of the collapse of Tether and USDT. This is reported by Etoday ko.

We are aware of various suspicions about Tether. We compensate the entire amount to customers who have deposits in USDT on our exchange, in case of problems.

UpBit Team

Previously, users have repeatedly expressed doubts that Tether has the necessary amount of deposits in real US dollars to provide all the released tokens USDT.

At the moment of press, only 0.26% of whole Tether volume is being trade at Upbit. 

These are main USDT market parameters:

  • Average price: $1.01
  • Market Cap: $2 232 239 542 
  • 24h Volume: $5 161 760 000 

Few weaks ago, famous economist Dr. Doom accused Tether in recent Bitcoin price dump.