US authorities arrested ICO scammer

Maksim Zaslavskiy had been arrested Nov. 1 and charged with securities fraud conspiracy tied to two token sales
02 November 2017   2510

A businessman from New York accused of defrauding investors in related with two ICOs. He was arrested by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

In the official statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York Maksim Zaslavskiy had been arrested Nov. 1 and charged with securities fraud conspiracy tied to two token sales. One ICO was marketed as being backed with real estate assets; another one - by real diamonds. 

Maksim Zaslavskiy
Maksim Zaslavskiy

Prosecutors have further alleged that the purported assets backing the tokens did not actually exist. Main US authorities mission is to protect investors.

As alleged, Zaslavskiy and his associates enticed investors by promising returns using novel ICOs even though Zaslavskiy knew that no real estate or diamonds were actually backing the investments.

Bridget Rohde
Acting United States Attorney

The SEC begun to suspect mr. Zaslavskiy in fraud earlier in September. According to the September's SEC press release, the activities of the Diamond Reserve Club World (DRC World) and the REcoin Group Foundation, run by businessman Maxim Zaslavsky, revealed signs of fraudulent schemes, as well as violations of securities laws. 

At the moment of press, Diamond Reserve Club World is closed, with the banner on it, saying that "Maksim Zaslavsky violated federal securities laws".

Diamond Reserve Club World website
Diamond Reserve Club World website

We wasn't able to find REcoin Group Foundation website.

According to an interview, that Zaslavskiy gave to Anycoin News few days ago, he is hiring lawyers at the moment.

I am now hiring lawyers to defend my position in the courts. The SEC's accusations are groundless, we have not deceived our investors and offer a full refund to anyone who wants it. It seems to me that the SEC feels that it has somewhat missed the issue of regulating cryptocoins and ICO and now wants to catch up, choose me as a scapegoat. I hope that there will be no criminal trial, although I can not completely exclude such a scenario.

Maksim Zaslavskiy

You can see full statement for information.

Poloniex to Receive GRAM Listing Application

The application was filed by the head of the Gram Vault custodian and Blackmoon COO Sergey Vasin before the SEC's lawsuit
22 October 2019   70

The head of the Gram Vault custodian, Sergey Vasin, filled out an application for listing on the Poloniex exchange before the SEC filed a lawsuit against Telegram.

According to Vasin, who is also a Blackmoon COO exchange, Gram Vault stores 50% of tokens from the first round and 75% of tokens from the second round of sales.

He also added that Telegram does not work directly with exchanges. The document was at the disposal of CoinDesk.

SEC asked Telegram for information on possible Gram trading on the Coinbase, Poloniex, Bittrex, Huobi, Binance, Blackmoon and Liquid exchanges. Only the last two and Coinbase Custody previously announced token support.

Recall that the SEC lawsuit has already forced Telegram to postpone the launch of TON in the spring of 2020.