US Authorities to Sell $25m Worth Seized BTCs

US Marshal will sell 14 bitcoin lots: 2 lots of 500 BTC, 11 lots of 100 BTC and one lot at 70 BTC.
06 March 2018   531

The US Marshals intend to auction bitcoins worth about $ 25 million, CoinDesk reports.

Sale of 2 170 BTC will take place on March 19. Interested persons must make a deposit of $ 200,000 and be registered in accordance with all requirements until March 14.

At auction will be exhibited 14 individual lots: 2 lots of 500 BTC, 11 lots of 100 BTC and one lot at 70 BTC.

According to the message of the department, the crypto currency was confiscated in the course of investigation of various criminal, civil and administrative cases, beginning with federal lawsuits and ending with cases related to drug trafficking.

The origin of bitcoins can be found on a special page. According to the information presented there, among other things, the bitcoins associated with the case of Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Service agent, who was tempted and stole the crypto currency in the investigation of the illegal trading site Silk Road, are offered.

It is worth noting that this is not the first such auction held by the Federal Executive Service of the United States. In February, the agency sold more than 3,600 BTC for $ 30 million. One of the winners of the auction was the company Riot Blockchain, which was subsequently accused by investors of making dubious transactions and spreading false statements.

Survey: Millionaires do not gain Enough Crypto Advice

A survey revealed today by Capgemini shows: only 34.6 percent of high net worth individuals have got cryptocurrency information from their wealth managers
19 June 2018   48

According to Reuters, the information is received from Capgemini’s annual survey, the World Wealth Report. The latest edition demonstreted that additionally to the aforementioned 29 percent, a further 26.9 percent are “on the fence” relatively to  cryptocurrency investment - meaning that well over half of HNWIs are aware of and/or interested in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

A Paris-based business consulting corporation, Capgemeni, determines HNWIs as people with at least $1 million accessible to invest, outside of asset holdings such as real estate, automobiles, and art. At the start of 2018, there were a counted 15.2 million such people in the world. This part of society controls more than $70 trillion, and Capgemini expects that figure to rise to $106 trillion by 2025.

Also it was found by the study that 71.1 percent of younger millionaires (age 40 and below) place “high importance” on getting information about cryptocurrency from their wealth management firms, as do 13 percent of those aged 60 and over. In the whole, only 34.6 percent of them claimed that they had learnt cryptocurrency information from their wealth managers. 

This probably points to a trend of wealth managers being a bit behind the times. It also unfolds that a market force which could go some way towards explaining the fact that at least 167 new cryptocurrency hedge funds were instituted last year. During the year of 2017, these funds saw massive growth in profit.