VeChain Joins Forces with Chinese Real Estate Company

VeChain cryptocurrency is aquiring more new partnerships, and recently reported about the agreement with Beijing Baisheng Technology Co to assist its subsidiary Fanghuwang to improve financial services
19 January 2018   347

VeChain has announced new partnership agreement with Beijing Baisheng Technology Co., Ltd to assist one of its branches Fanghuwang, a growing online lending platform in China in order to solve major problems within the real estate industry.

Fanghuwang company is providing property mortgage loans, collateral backed lending to small and medium enterprises and the owners of them in China, utilizes cloud computing and big data analysis technology in order to control risks connected with the industry.

VeChain and Fanghuwang plan to:

  • Enhance the client data collection system
  • Enhance data quality
  • Enhance data storage security
  • Enhance data shareability
  • Reduce costs

Previously, we have reported that VeChain announced partnership with Hubei Sanxin Cultural Media Ltd. to manage digital publication industry using VeChain Thor blockchain technologies, and that VeChain and Jiangsu PE Co. joined forces to develop IoT equipment.

VeChain Charts January 2018VeChain Charts

Currently the price of VeChain is rising, having increased 14% during past 24 hours, and VeChain grew from $4,58 to $5,86, while the market capitalization jumped from $1,2 to $1,6 during only one day.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of VeChain:

  • Average price: $5,86 
  • Marketcap: $1 623 150 302
  • 24h volume: $200 322 000

Genesis Conference to be Held in London

Genesis Conference will cover research and development, regulation, economics and applications issues, taking place in London on February 22
22 February 2018   69

Genesis London Conference will take place on February 22, tackling the most pertinent issues in blockchain space: research and development, regulation, economics and applications.

Genesis London is a platform for researchers, developers and generally anyone interested in blockchain, and its priority is to share knowledge, facilitate productive discourse and filter out the hype.

Location: The CityPoint building, 1 Ropemaker St, London, EC2, UK
Date and time: 9:30AM - 8PM, February 22, 2018

The agenda of the conference includes Privacy and Confidentiality Techniques for Blockchains; Permissioned Business Blockchain Applications and Use-cases; Scalable, Transparent and Post-quantum Secure Computational Integrity, with Applications to Cryptocurrencies; A Rational Protocol Design Treatment of Bitcoin, and more.

The headline speakers include Patrick de Laive, co-founder of TNW; Margarita Khartanovich, head of insight at Binary District; Jack Gavigan, chief operating officer at ZCash; Jeremy Kahn, technology writer for Bloomberg, and many more.