Venture Capital Firm Invests in BitPay

Delta-v Capital, a venture capital and private equity firm has announced its recent investment in BitPay platform
12 April 2018   148

BitPay platform provides powerful tools for secure blockchain payment acceptance, storage, and spending. The BitPay secure bitcoin wallet is giving consumers a toolkit for getting started right with bitcoin payments, and the BitPay Card gives bitcoin users a fast way to convert bitcoin into dollars and spend their funds anywhere Visa is accepted.

Delta-v Capital, a venture capital and private equity firm in investing in special situations, growth equity, recapitalizations, and secondary direct investments, has announced its recent investment in BitPay platform.

Delta-v Capital Welcomes BitPay to its PortfolioDelta-v Capital Welcomes BitPay to its Portfolio

I think that we will look back at the advent of distributed blockchain technology as one of the most revolutionary advances since the internet, and the first area in which that disruption is already taking hold is around financial stores of value and payments. We are excited to be partnering with the BitPay team who were on the front edge of that movement in 2011 and continue to lead the charge towards increasing adoption and ease of use of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Dan Williams

Principal, Delta-v Capital

Stephen Pair, BitPay CEO, stated that led by Aquiline Capital Partners with participation from Delta-v Capital, the $40M Series B round will fund engineering hires, regulatory licensing, technology acquisitions, and expansion into markets in Asia.

BitPay adds Bitcoin Cash support for Checkout PoS app

Bitpay adds support for Bitcoin Cash payments, and new features for BCH settlement coming soon
23 April 2018   111

Back in December 2017 Bitpay has announced that they will be adding another payment options aside from Bitcoin. And now they finally adopt Bitcoin Cash for their Bitpay PoS app.

Bitcoin Cash is steadily growing in popularity among users and businesses. And now Bitpay adds support for BCH in their “Checkout point-of-sale (POS)” mobile application to adapt to such a change in the crypto market.

This development allows users to make payments with Bitcoin Cash. Users will be able to generate new payment codes using just a smartphone. The companies who use Bitpay Checkout PoS were formerly constrained to Bitcoin only, but now the larger market share BCH will compete with the main blockchain for the superiority in real-world market.

In addition to the app update, Bitpay announced other features fro Bitcoin Cash support. The company plans to add ability to pay straight with BCH, without first converting it to a dollar value. This will allow users to settle the bills without any exchange commission and to keep their funds in BCH, and for businesses to accept payments in BCH and store the coin without converting into BTC or USD, like they have to do now.