VCS rating

Worldwide, May 2020 compared to a year ago:
Change- Item -ShareTrend
1 Git31.97-3.13
2 GitHub23.760.21
3 Fossil19.01-0.85
4 Bazaar15.994.44
5 Mercurial4.320.16
6 Kiln2.16-0.27
7 Beanstalk1.23-0.17
8 Subversion0.62-0.19
10 Kallithea0.220.01
11 AWS CodeCommit0.040.01
12 Microsoft Team Foundation Server0.02-0.01
13 LogicalDOC0.01-0.01
14 Plastic SCM0.010
161Rational ClearCase0.010

There are big amount of version control systems, some offer unique functions, some are convenient for working with certain types of projects, there are paid and free systems. In the market there are unconditional leaders which have evolved from version control systems to almost social networks for developers. We chose the most popular VCS and formed a rating that will help you to understand which VCS is now at the peak of popularity, which are becoming less in demand and which are gaining momentum.

The rating is based on the search queries analysis and is updated automatically.