Vexor: a fresh view on the continuous integration

Vexor overview
13 June 2017   1780

There are a lot of cloud-based continuous integration service for developers, allowing them to test projects. Let's take a look at Vexor, interesting CI service.


Cloud Continuous Integration service. Unlimited parallelism

Continuous integration

Practice of merging all developer working copies to a shared mainline several times a day

Every day developers use CI services, however, most of them are expensive, slow, inefficient and impose greater restrictions on use.

Vexor will suit for those who:

  • Tired of wasting time and money on maintaining a test infrastructure;
  • Haven't got enough resources for a local server for a long time;
  • Don't dare to use cloud CI because it is expensive;
  • Tired of waiting for a queue for the calculation of tests in the usual cloud CI;
  • Really need speed.

Vexor have a fair price (per minute) and unlimited power for everyone. Solution have great russian-speaking support. 

The beginning

Continuous integration is the practice of software development, which consists in performing frequent automated project assemblies to identify and solve integration problems as quickly as possible. Usually this also includes automatic start of tests after each commit.

Why did you need to develop one more, if there is a lot of solutions at today's market? Let's talk about them.

Vexor as an alternative for local testing

Most developers write tests (unit tests or integration tests) and run them locally on their computer, but this approach has several problems. First, the resources of the computer itself are limited, so the tests will start to slow down as their number increases. Secondly, at some point you can simply forget about the tests and stop running them, especially if the tests take more than 10 minutes.

As a result, you make mistakes and bugs fall into production. Vexor also runs tests automatically at each commit: you do not need to remember about the tests, they just work. And if you make a mistake, Vexor will tell you about it. By using the service of continuous integration, you'll improve the quality of your work.

Vexor advanatages over open-source solutions

Some developers use open-source CIs.

Well, let's consider and calculate.

So, for an open-source solution installed on your hardware, you need a good server. Also, the server needs to be administered and your developers will spend time on it or you will have to hire a system administrator.

All this costs can be even greater than the cost of a cloud solution.

In addition, you will spend quite a lot of time installing the solution. In the case of Vexor, you just need to configure your project under CI, then in other cases you will need to configure not only your project, but CI itself.

An open-source solution installed on your hardware needs to be serviced. Once a month, it will fall and you will encounter a lack of support. You will be forced to spend a minimum of 2 to 4 hours of developer time per month. As soon as your team leaves the person who used to be engaged in maintenance, there will be no one to do his work. Usually with an open-source solution, the user gets a headache and extra costs.

Financial side

For some reason, it turns out that for all Continuous integration services need to be paid, even if you did not use them.

When using CI you have to buy a server and pay for it monthly. Or buy a subscription in a cloud solution for a limited amount of allocated resources.

Even if you were on vacation and did not commit anything - you pay for a month, and pay for equipment around the clock. Think, do you work at night? And on weekends? But you pay for a server or resources, which will "spin" your CI.

vexor interface
vexor interface
vexor interface

Vexor is payed per minute for the real use of resources. You pay for only for the minutes that we use to run your tests. There were no commits during the month - the account is zero. You will also be able to see the information about the average check.

You are always limited by the power of your local server, and at some point you start to miss the speed.

Vexor is a cloud service that can simultaneously allocate as much power as you need. In the event that you make 10 consecutive commits, your open-source CI will execute them sequentially. Vexor will immediately allocate 10 servers to you and will do everything in parallel. In this case, you pay only for the minutes that we really spent working with your tests.

Issues, that users of other CI face:

  • limited in resources;
  • experiencing speed problems;
  • pay for a subscription even if you do not use the service;
  • pay to much if your project is still at the stage of growth.

Use Vexor and get rid of these restrictions and unfair price. Connect and receive $ 5 on your account to check out Vexor.

Which CI do you use?

In software engineering, continuous integration (CI) is the practice of merging all developer working copies to a shared mainline several times a day. There are a lot of different continious integration solutions with strong and weak sides.
Take part in the survey of our portal. Which Continuous integration system do you use?

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Vexor design updated

Vexor, handy and modern continius intagration service launched the new design and adds new price calculation feature
23 August 2017   1397

Vexor is a cloud-based continuous integration for developers, which allows to effectively test projects and pay only for those resources that are actually used. You can check new design at the will be updated in the end of August.

New Vexor Design
New Vexor Design

The new design is significantly different from the previous one. It is designed for both the desktop and mobile screens. A calculator will appear on the site, which allows you to calculate the cost of using the service by setting the necessary parameters.

Vexor price calculator
Vexor price calculator

We made the same progressive and convenient design as Vexor is. It displays our system as a whole, and this is very convenient, the absence of everything superfluous with maximum informativeness, ease of use and transparency of conditions.

Oleg Balbekov

Founder, Vexor

Design was created by the Evrone. Feel free to check out other Evrone's designers works at the portfolio.


The project appeared from the internal developments of Evrone. Company used Jenkins to run the tests. But when it became obvious that the CI-service needs to be modified for our specific tasks, it was changed to GitlabCI. There were several reasons for this:

  • GitlabCI is written in Ruby, which is the team’s native language;
  • It is small and simple, which means it can be easily modified.

During the exploitation period, GitlabCI mutated quite strongly. And at the moment when it already had too little in common with the original product, team just re-coded everything. So this was the first version of Vexor, which was used only inside the company.

Learn more about Vexor in our materials: fresh view on the continuous integration and Inside Vexor.