ViaBTC to give presents for Bitcoin miners

ViaBTC announced “Winter Mining Feast” where anyone who continuoually mines for 30 days will be eligible for a prize
23 November 2017   394

The promotion has already started on November 23rd and continues until December 25th. The hashpower needs to be provided continuously for 30 days or more. At the same time, miners can’t switch to different pools.

Gifts contains Bluetooth speakers, an iPhone 8, an iPhone X, and Macbook laptops and others. Those who successfully contribute between 7 and 8 petahash will be eligible for the iPhone X giveaway. However, it is more likely that anyone who contributes less than 1 petahash per second will not receive anything.The users who can successfully contribute more than 1 petahach or even more will certainly get rewarded.

Furthermore, the winners may not receive the actual goods, depending on supply issues and locations. Overseas miners will receive gift cards with the item value instead.

Mining Companies Approached Quebec

Miners are hoping to take advantage of Canadian electric utility Hydro-Quebec cheap rates
17 February 2018   133

During an interview with CTV News Montreal, spokesman Marc-Antoine Pouliot told that more than 100 crypto mining companies approached Hydro-Quebec. Few of them have already settled there.

According to Pouliot, some farms would consume more than 20x the power required for Montreal's sports and entertainment complex, The Bell Centre.

One project like that isn't a problem, but now we're talking hundreds.

Marc-Antoine Pouliot


Hydro-Quebec is attracting mining companies to the province with its low rates, but the cheap energy and cold weather - ideal for keeping mining machines cool.

Pouliot stated that Hydro-Quebec has a surplus of energy, which makes miners interesting clients. Taking this into account, Hydro-Quebec may raise energy rates for crypto businesses.