Vinnik Confesses to Fraud Via BTC-e

Vinnik admitted that in the period from 2011 to 2017 as a result of his fraudulent actions, a group of Russian citizens suffered material damage
23 May 2018   1062

Russian Alexander Vinnik, who was arrested in Greece on suspicion of laundering $ 4 billion through the BTC-e crypto exchange, confessed to Russian law enforcement agencies in fraudulent activities on the territory of the country, which caused damage of 750 million rubles. This was reported by Russian media Interfax with reference to an informed source.

The appearance with the guilt of Vinnik went to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation and is now transferred to the police department in the Ostankino district of Moscow for a procedural decision.

As noted in the document, Vinnik admitted that in the period from 2011 to 2017 as a result of his fraudulent actions, namely through money laundering, an unspecified group of Russian citizens suffered material damage amounting to 750 million rubles. In addition, having access to the exchange, he committed fraud in the field of computer information in an especially large amount.

Vinnik's Greek lawyer Ilias Spirliadis explained that the turnout "with the guilt" can become the basis for Russia's new request for the extradition of its citizen to it. "

Earlier in May, Alexander Vinnik refused to deal with the US authorities, which offered him a minimum prison sentence in exchange for confession.

Vinnik Extradtion to France to be Supported by SCoG

Alexander is holding the hunger strike for 24 days and lost around 9 kilos
19 December 2018   832

Following the trial court of the city of Thessaloniki, the Greek Areopagus decided to extradite Alexander Vinnik, suspected of laundering $ 4 billion through the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange, to France. Thus, the appeal of Russian lawyers was rejected, reports TASS referring to the chairman of the court Angelique Aliferopoul.

After the announcement of the verdict, Alexander Vinnik declared that he would continue the hunger strike against the arbitrary rule of the Greek authorities, which began in mid-November.

I have been starving for 24 days. Yesterday I was weighed; according to the documents, I lost 8 kg. But they did not immediately begin to weigh me, only on the third day. So I lost 9 kg. If I'll be extradited to Moscow, I will stop starving.

Alexander Vinnik


Alexander Vinnik was detained in Greece at the request of the American authorities on July 25, 2017. In June 2018, Vinnik was arrested in absentia in Russia on charges of cyber fraud on a large scale.

At the moment, there have been several court decisions on the extradition of Vinnik - at the request of the United States, at the request of France and two decisions at the request of Russia. The final decision on the case will take the Minister of Justice of Greece.